Lake Fork Report by Guide Andrew Grills 6-18-12

Its been pretty quiet on here about Lake Fork lately, and for good reason. The fishing has been a little slow lately. I believe it is a combination of unstable weather for the past week, and the mega tournaments sometimes slow things down a bit. The lack of aquatic vegetation hasn’t helped either. I’m not about numbers anyway and I’ve been happy with the size of the fish we’ve been catching. We’ve had 6 fish over 7lbs in the last 2 weeks. While that isn’t really anything to brag about here on Fork, I’m happy and a couple of those fish were personal bests for my customers.

Right now I’m starting very early and trying to get a topwater bite. Some days, that topwater bite just doesn’t happen. A good alternative is a flat sided, shallow running crankbait. This is not a big fish pattern but its a good way to get some fish in the boat early and occasionally we’ll see a 5lb fish or bigger doing this.

After the sun gets up I’ve been fishing offshore structure at 15-35′ depths. The baits that are working for me are football jigs, carolina rigs, and deep diving crankbaits. I’m hitting several spots a few times throughout the day, hoping to be there when the fish move up to feed. I’m sticking to big fish type structure, where we have a legitimate shot at a big fish.

I would also like to say a word about my new carolina rig rod from Reel Time Rods. I believe rod choice is extremely important, especially when carolina rigging. I wanted a 7’11” rod, so I could make long casts with a long leader (2-5′). I also wanted a strong backbone so I could get a good hookset far from the boat in 30′ of water. Well, now I have it. To me it is the perfect carolina rig rod and it has already proven itself with a few big fish. I’m casting my rig nearly twice as far and getting great hooksets.

For my carolina rigs I’m using a 3/4 or 1oz lead sinker and bead, with a monofilament leader. Mono helps keep my bait up where I want it. As for baits, a baby brush hawg, big dead ringer, fluke, or magnum finesse worm are all good choices.

I am also doing night trips now. Night time is a good time to catch a giant fish with its guard down and the night fishing on Fork can be awesome at times.

Hope this information is helpful for your next trip to Lake Fork. The following fish was caught Saturday on the carolina rig rod. I caught it accidentally, casting off of the structure to just keep a line wet while my customer, Jorge, worked the sweet spot. Jorge later hooked a giant fish that jumped numerous times and finally got away. Please check your drag often…


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