Lake Fork Guide John Morris Report

FROM: J & M Guide Service

It was great to be back on the water this week. I have been away for two weeks in North Carolina where my daughter is stationed at Pope AFB. She was promoted and my wife and I went to the pin on ceremony.

The water temperature was 84 degrees and the water clarity was good and clear in the south end of the lake. The creeks like Birch and Garrett were just a little stained but that didn’t hurt the fishing. With that being said, here is what the Bass were wanting to eat this week; Shaky head jigs tipped with Zoom Baby Brush Hogs and trick worms. The color of choice this week was watermelon/candy in both the Baby Brush Hog and trick worm. I used an olive color ¼ ounce Shaky Head Jig tipped with the Baby Brush Hog. The Shaky Head Jig worked the best dragging it through the grass, next to creek channels. Position your boat in the creek and cast in the weed lines. Just as the bait approach the edge of the weed line the fish will explode on it. So be ready and yes fish it “very slowly”. We fished the trick worm around docks and isolated timber. Again, fish it very slowly.

Wow the Crappie has been great this week. They have been taken on small minnows. That seemed to work the best. Lots of 2 and 2 ¼ pound Crappie were caught. The best water death was 24 to 26 feet.

For all of you Sand Bass fisher persons, get you an Alabama Rig and hold on!! They liked small pearl colored shad as trailers to the Alabama Rig. We found the good Sand Bass in 26 foot of water over trash piles and main lake humps. Remember there is a minimum length of 10 inches on Sand Bass in Lake Fork.

Catfishing is the best of the year right now. Large numbers of Catfish are being taken with large minnows and cut bait. Cut bait is working the best.

If you are fishing during the heat of the day don’t forget to drink several bottles of water all day long. Dehydration is a big problem during this time of water. Be Safe! Oh yes, did I mention, wear those life jackets while the big motor is running.

While you are at Lake Fork, stop into Lake Fork Marina to pick up the latest in tackle and a beverage to go with it. The friendly staff also has the latest tips on what the fish are biting on.

Have a great fishing week.

J & M Guide Service
(John Morris)
Toll free: 1-888-454-7037


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