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John Tanner Lake Fork Report July 28th 2012

July 28, 2012

In the last few weeks the deep bite has been the way to go here on
Lake Fork. Even early in the morning we are catching them out of deep
water as the schooling activity is heating up. Some of the deep points
are holding some good sized schools of breaking fish. We are catching
them on Berkley Swim Baits rigged on Jig Heads. The best way here
lately is to swim them through the schooling fish and even after they
go down swim it down a little deeper. They will kill it ! If you are
fast enough you can catch them on topwaters or small crank baits.
After the schooling activity slows down we are running the lake
checking the deep spots where they usally gang up and feed during the
day. road beds, pond dams, humps, even the end of deep points are all
good places to find schools of bass feeding during the day in the
summer time. Anything that comes up off of the bottom of the lake
creating some drop offs are key areas and ambush points for these
predators. The bait fish head out to these areas and the bass will
follow. Good depths have been 22 to 30 ft of water depending on how
deep it is on the top of the hump you are checking.Good electronics
are key and boat position is critical once you locate a school. I run
Humminbird electronics and just love the speed of the units and the
clarity of the sonar and the imaging. If you havent tried the latest
units you should. They are the deal! My standard rigs for summer
daytime bassin on Lake Fork are the carolina rig using 20 pound
Berkley Trilene 100% flouro , a one ounce tungsten weight by
Affordable Tungsten and about about a four foot leader of 15 pound
Berkley 100 Flouro with a 3/0 Mustad mega Wide Gap Hook. On the
business end we have been catching them all summer long on the Berkley
Havoc Bottom Hopper worms in Shady Watermelon Candy color and also in
Red Bug. We have also been catching them on the old trusty 10 inch
Berkley Power worm in Blue Fleck color. I have been rigging this one
on 17 pound Berkley Triline 100% flouro using a 3/8 to 1/2 tungsten
sinker and a 5/0 Mustad Mega Wide gap Hook. Another weapon on summer
is the Talon Football Jig in 3/4 ounce in the watermelon candy color
tipped with the Berkley havoc Duece twin tail grub. The big Talon
Spoons are also a standby for summer time bassin and will catch them
suspended and off of the bottom. The deep crankbait is another one
that need to be on the deck of your boat this time of year. You can
fish it on the schoolers and also run it through the deep timber as
sometimes the fish will suspend up in the trees during the day
especially if the wind is calm.I like to rig all of these deep water
set ups on a 7 ft heavy action ABU Garcia Veritas rod and ABU Garcia
Revo Premier or SX reel. The only exception is the crankbait and I
like to rig it on the 7′-3″ med/heavy Veritas. It has the perfect
action. Late in the evenings we are catching fish at the mouths of
some of the creeks on the points. We are catching them off of the
trees using the texas rigged Power Worms on the points and just inside
the points and also catching some schooling fish on topwaters and
crankbaits. It is a blast. If you would like to book a trip and get
some instruction on how to read your electronics properly and catch
some deep water Lake Fork Pigs give us a shout at 903-569-7451 or drop
us a line at Or for more info check out our
website at For daily updates and fish
photos check us out on facebook under John Tanner. God Bless and good

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Lake Fork Report by Guide James Caldemeyer 7-26-12

July 27, 2012

The summer fishing on Lake Fork has been GREAT for big fish and some occasional numbers days but the fishing has also been fairly inconsistent. One day you catch 12-15 fish and the next may yield 40 plus bass. This is not uncommon for summer time fishing though. I am targeting main lake points, ridges, road beds, and humps in 12-28 foot depths. There are a lot of bass suspended (especially early in the morning). Using my new Lowrance HDS Gen2 electronics has been essential in locating groups of fish. Deep diving crank baits like a DD22 or 6XD have been best on these fish as well as swim baits or Talon “Big Dandy” flutter spoons. When the fish start to get on bottom the Carolina rigged Berkley Havoc 6.25” Bottom Hopper worms or finesse worms have been best. I am rigging my 7’6” med hvy Abu Garcia Veritas rod and Revo reel up with 25 lb Trilene 100% fluorocarbon and a 1 oz Elite Tungsten weight on the main line and 17 lb four foot leader with a 3/0 wide gap hook. You can also count on the big ones to hit a Talon football head jig. I like the 3/4 or 1 oz sizes in watermelon candy, willies weed, or watermelon red colors right now. These hot summer days have the lake slowly dropping but the lake is still holding well at just under 3’ low. Water temps are ranging from 86-92 degrees. Start looking for large groups of fish schooling under any of the major lake bridges over the next few weeks. The fish are biting in spurts and you have to be in the right place at the right time to capitalize on the periods of feeding activity. You can just as easily have a real slow day as you can get into a feeding frenzy so stay ready even in the midst of the hottest parts of the day. It can really pay off! Thank you to all who attended the electronics seminar at Diamond Sports Marine. If you would like to learn more about reading your electronics I offer special instructional trips and now is a great time on the lake to learn deep structure sonar, structure scan, and down scan interpretation. I still have some summer dates available for those of you that would like to get out here this summer. I am also filling up fast for fall so get your reservations in now. Feel free to contact me by phone at 903-736-9888 or by email at You can also visit my website for more information about my guide service at

Galatians 2:20

Tight Lines and God Bless,
James Caldemeyer

Lake Fork Guide Andrew Grills, 7-24-12

July 25, 2012

It has been a crazy summer on Lake Fork. The fish are still here, but weather patterns have kept the fish spread out in the water column. Overall, it has made for some tough fishing. Sure, there are special areas that have held big schools of fish, but hitting those schools and loading up on numbers isn’t the norm for me.

We are finally seeing a thermocline push those fish up out of the extreme depths. Big groups of fish are pushing up into 25′ or less. This helps narrow them down, but on cloudy days they can be anywhere from the surface down. Finding feeding schools on the bottom is the key. I’m looking at textbook areas where big fish feed; ridges, humps, points, and roads. This consists of covering water and watching the graph. I hit good spots numerous times each day.

I know its possible to be at the right place at the right time, with the right bait and rack up the numbers. However, I really try to focus my time on tried and true big fish spots and methods.

I’m thankful that we got into some of those giants yesterday. I fished with fellow Reel Time Rods prostaffer Doug Renner and we put together a good number of fish. I think we had close to 25 largemouth and a ton of sandbass. I weed through the sandbass, because I know what is running beneath them. Often, when a school settles down, catching a sandbass will wake up the largemouth. This is a new and unusual tactic for me, but this is something we will have to deal with until the sandbass problem is taken care of.

All fish pictured were caught Monday (7/23/12). We picked them off throughout the day on crankbaits, carolina rigs, and football jigs.

I have to give credit where credit is due: My big fish for the day came on a jig from fellow member, custom jig maker “Fat Rick”. I found him here and I needed a custom color so I went to him, and it worked out great. He runs Toad Wrangler Jigs and is a police officer. Thanks Rick! I appreciate that Trokar hook. Today was the first day I used his jig. The fish weighed 10lbs 2oz.

You never know when that big bite will come! Be ready!

By the way, phones get wet in this business I’ve been told that some folks have been trying to call but can’t get through or leave a message (though the phone seemed to be working fine on my end). If you cant reach me for the next few days be sure to PM or email. I will get back to you quickly!

Here are two pictures of the 10lb 2oz. Its great to see thick, healthy fish like her this time of year. She took off like a rocket when we turned her loose!


Here are two pictures of the 10lb 2oz. Its great to see thick, healthy fish like her this time of year. She took off like a rocket when we turned her loose!

Rick Carter Lake Fork

July 20, 2012

Talked with Rick Carter today, he has been having some good luck on River2Sea Bottomwalkers.

Lance Vick Summer Fishing Report July 19th, 2012

July 20, 2012

Nothing like Lake Fork Summer time fishing, ,,,the hotter the better
Why is this ?
During the hot part of the day algae bloom with the sunlight and plankton move about grazing on it,then the shad eat the plankton ,shad moving around mean bass will sitting down at the dinner table waiting for the steak to be served .
How does this help us ,well if know where the dinner tables are on the lake we
can serve up dinner.,
Where are the Dinner tables for schools of bass? Dinner Tables are high spots like,humps,points,roadbeds.
What do highs spots act as dinner tables ? Well as the bottom end of the food chain get active roaming around in the deeper water .Bass set the table
on high spots in the deep water and wait for dinner to come by them . High spots offer bass a ambush point for the shad ,using the top of the high spot
and the trees for cover they wait for the shad to come over, since they are close
to them when they are set up on the structure, they can eat without moving far
from the table .
Since the table is set its time to feed ……..
There are many deep water techniques to serve to hungry bass you can stick
with your favorite,or mix it up, I’m a rig it all up and let them pick out their
steak of the day .
Texas Rig, if I had to pick my favorite this is it
My texas rig is on a Dobyns dx 744 c with 15 lb florocarbon line
a Dominator tunsten weight 1/4 or 3/8 oz with a EWG 3/0 hook
rigged with a Grandebass 8 inch mega tail worm,trophy hunter and red bug
are favorite colors

Football head jig is rigged on a champion 736c heavy action rod
20 pound Florocarbon line 3/4 football head jig or a brush jig
colors are shades of green green pumpkin green flake is favorite
Jigs are tipped with a Grandebass Mega claw falcon craw or green pumpkin
Shaky head rig is rigged on a 734c Dobyns with 15 lb florocarbon with a
3/8 to 1/2 football head shakey head rigged with a straight tail worm
or a Diamond back Rattlesnake in killer green pumpkin

C-rig,is my go to when its windy out ,rigged 15 pound florocarbon on a 764 c
with a 3/4 or 1 oz Dominator tungsten weight a brass ticker, swivel ,3 foot leader 3/0 ewg hook rigged with a Grandebass 4.5 inch rattlesnake
chartreuse /watermelon , Chartreuse pepper ,or Vicks # 20

Crankbaits are also better during windy conditions rigged on a
805 CB Rm with 12 pound mono line ,Favorite crank is SK 6xd in all colors

Spoon rigged on Dobyns 764c with 20 florocarbon Big Joes spoon

These six basic techniques will catch big bass on Lake Fork in the summertime
During the morning work on shallow fish, junk fishing and topwater then as it gets warm find fish with your electronics and use the above techniques until one starts hitting,
There will be off times during the day thats when you’ve got to drink some
water, turn up the tunes, keep a lure in the water and enjoy fishing in this great
country of ours .Fish’em out they are going to feed you just have to be there for them .Good Fishing, Lance

John Morris Weekly Lake Fork Fishing Report 7-10-12

July 11, 2012


FROM:  J & M Guide Service

WEEK:  1 – 8 July 2012


The weatherman brought on the hot temperatures this week.  Air temperatures approached the 100 degree mark everyday this week.  This drove the water temperature to almost 90 degrees.  This didn’t hurt the fishing though.


The Largemouth Bass continued to hit the large Lake Fork Tackle Factory 6’ spoon.  The color of choice was chrome and blue.  The pattern did change a little this week.  The Bass seem to bite the best in the mid to late afternoon.  They wanted the spoon swam slowly in about 20 foot of water.  That was there comfort zone.  The top water bite slowed down toward the weekend, however a few were being caught on a Chugbug between 05:15 and 06:30 in the morning.  After that, “go deep” using the spoon.


The White (Sand) Bass were schooling all over then lake.  We found that the Alabama rig and the Tackle Factory chrome and silver 5” spoon worked the best.  Pearl colored Berkley 3 inch shad worked the best as trailers for the Alabama rigs.  The Alabama rig worked best using an erratic retrieve with a 5.1 gear ratio rigged with 65 pound Spider Wire.  You might ask why 65 pound Spider wire.  When you catch 5 White Bass at a time on the rig, it stretches mono line to the limit.  You don’t want to loose very many Alabama rigs at 20 to 30 dollars a crack.


The Crappies were still slow this week.  Most of the Crappie fisherman had there best luck with small minnows fished in 26 to 30 foot of water around bridges and old trash piles.


The catfish still were very active this week.  Cut bait and medium size minnows were the bait of choice.  Baited holes worked the best.


Dehydration continues to be a problem with fisherman throughout the summer.  Just a few words “pump water”.  The second thing, invest in a good large full brim hat to keep the sun off you head.  I know it is not cool to be running down the lake in a full brim hat so do as I do.  Wear baseball style hat while you are running and as soon as you stop put the full brim hat on.


While you at the great Lake Fork this week, make sure you stop into Lake Fork Marina and stock on your Alabama Rig parts and lots of water.  Stay cool and good luck this week fishing.


J & M Guide Service

(John Morris)



Andrew Grills Lake Fork Report 7-3-12

July 4, 2012

Just an update to let you know how Fork has been the past few days. Right now, the fishing isn’t what it should be this time of year, and I think its because we haven’t had enough hot weather yet. I’m finding fish in shallow water and deep water, and that is problem. Fish are scattered in the water column so we aren’t hitting as many big schools and racking up numbers (yet). I believe a good solid week of hot weather will put the fish where they belong this time of year. We are setting up for a good couple months of fun summertime fishing.

While I haven’t been seeing the big numbers days, we are still getting some very good sized fish. I’ve been targeting fish in shallow and deep water. Seems like the shallow water is better on overcast or windy days. On the other hand calm, hot, sunny days are my favorite. I’m still using a carolina rig, spoon, and jig to catch the bigger fish.

All of these fish are from the past three days.

Loren with her first bass! Its a big one!

Ron with the biggest bass of his life!