Andrew Grills Lake Fork Report 7-3-12

Just an update to let you know how Fork has been the past few days. Right now, the fishing isn’t what it should be this time of year, and I think its because we haven’t had enough hot weather yet. I’m finding fish in shallow water and deep water, and that is problem. Fish are scattered in the water column so we aren’t hitting as many big schools and racking up numbers (yet). I believe a good solid week of hot weather will put the fish where they belong this time of year. We are setting up for a good couple months of fun summertime fishing.

While I haven’t been seeing the big numbers days, we are still getting some very good sized fish. I’ve been targeting fish in shallow and deep water. Seems like the shallow water is better on overcast or windy days. On the other hand calm, hot, sunny days are my favorite. I’m still using a carolina rig, spoon, and jig to catch the bigger fish.

All of these fish are from the past three days.

Loren with her first bass! Its a big one!

Ron with the biggest bass of his life!


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