John Morris Weekly Lake Fork Fishing Report 7-10-12


FROM:  J & M Guide Service

WEEK:  1 – 8 July 2012


The weatherman brought on the hot temperatures this week.  Air temperatures approached the 100 degree mark everyday this week.  This drove the water temperature to almost 90 degrees.  This didn’t hurt the fishing though.


The Largemouth Bass continued to hit the large Lake Fork Tackle Factory 6’ spoon.  The color of choice was chrome and blue.  The pattern did change a little this week.  The Bass seem to bite the best in the mid to late afternoon.  They wanted the spoon swam slowly in about 20 foot of water.  That was there comfort zone.  The top water bite slowed down toward the weekend, however a few were being caught on a Chugbug between 05:15 and 06:30 in the morning.  After that, “go deep” using the spoon.


The White (Sand) Bass were schooling all over then lake.  We found that the Alabama rig and the Tackle Factory chrome and silver 5” spoon worked the best.  Pearl colored Berkley 3 inch shad worked the best as trailers for the Alabama rigs.  The Alabama rig worked best using an erratic retrieve with a 5.1 gear ratio rigged with 65 pound Spider Wire.  You might ask why 65 pound Spider wire.  When you catch 5 White Bass at a time on the rig, it stretches mono line to the limit.  You don’t want to loose very many Alabama rigs at 20 to 30 dollars a crack.


The Crappies were still slow this week.  Most of the Crappie fisherman had there best luck with small minnows fished in 26 to 30 foot of water around bridges and old trash piles.


The catfish still were very active this week.  Cut bait and medium size minnows were the bait of choice.  Baited holes worked the best.


Dehydration continues to be a problem with fisherman throughout the summer.  Just a few words “pump water”.  The second thing, invest in a good large full brim hat to keep the sun off you head.  I know it is not cool to be running down the lake in a full brim hat so do as I do.  Wear baseball style hat while you are running and as soon as you stop put the full brim hat on.


While you at the great Lake Fork this week, make sure you stop into Lake Fork Marina and stock on your Alabama Rig parts and lots of water.  Stay cool and good luck this week fishing.


J & M Guide Service

(John Morris)




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