Lake Fork Guide Andrew Grills, 7-24-12

It has been a crazy summer on Lake Fork. The fish are still here, but weather patterns have kept the fish spread out in the water column. Overall, it has made for some tough fishing. Sure, there are special areas that have held big schools of fish, but hitting those schools and loading up on numbers isn’t the norm for me.

We are finally seeing a thermocline push those fish up out of the extreme depths. Big groups of fish are pushing up into 25′ or less. This helps narrow them down, but on cloudy days they can be anywhere from the surface down. Finding feeding schools on the bottom is the key. I’m looking at textbook areas where big fish feed; ridges, humps, points, and roads. This consists of covering water and watching the graph. I hit good spots numerous times each day.

I know its possible to be at the right place at the right time, with the right bait and rack up the numbers. However, I really try to focus my time on tried and true big fish spots and methods.

I’m thankful that we got into some of those giants yesterday. I fished with fellow Reel Time Rods prostaffer Doug Renner and we put together a good number of fish. I think we had close to 25 largemouth and a ton of sandbass. I weed through the sandbass, because I know what is running beneath them. Often, when a school settles down, catching a sandbass will wake up the largemouth. This is a new and unusual tactic for me, but this is something we will have to deal with until the sandbass problem is taken care of.

All fish pictured were caught Monday (7/23/12). We picked them off throughout the day on crankbaits, carolina rigs, and football jigs.

I have to give credit where credit is due: My big fish for the day came on a jig from fellow member, custom jig maker “Fat Rick”. I found him here and I needed a custom color so I went to him, and it worked out great. He runs Toad Wrangler Jigs and is a police officer. Thanks Rick! I appreciate that Trokar hook. Today was the first day I used his jig. The fish weighed 10lbs 2oz.

You never know when that big bite will come! Be ready!

By the way, phones get wet in this business I’ve been told that some folks have been trying to call but can’t get through or leave a message (though the phone seemed to be working fine on my end). If you cant reach me for the next few days be sure to PM or email. I will get back to you quickly!

Here are two pictures of the 10lb 2oz. Its great to see thick, healthy fish like her this time of year. She took off like a rocket when we turned her loose!


Here are two pictures of the 10lb 2oz. Its great to see thick, healthy fish like her this time of year. She took off like a rocket when we turned her loose!


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