John Tanner Lake Fork Report July 28th 2012

In the last few weeks the deep bite has been the way to go here on
Lake Fork. Even early in the morning we are catching them out of deep
water as the schooling activity is heating up. Some of the deep points
are holding some good sized schools of breaking fish. We are catching
them on Berkley Swim Baits rigged on Jig Heads. The best way here
lately is to swim them through the schooling fish and even after they
go down swim it down a little deeper. They will kill it ! If you are
fast enough you can catch them on topwaters or small crank baits.
After the schooling activity slows down we are running the lake
checking the deep spots where they usally gang up and feed during the
day. road beds, pond dams, humps, even the end of deep points are all
good places to find schools of bass feeding during the day in the
summer time. Anything that comes up off of the bottom of the lake
creating some drop offs are key areas and ambush points for these
predators. The bait fish head out to these areas and the bass will
follow. Good depths have been 22 to 30 ft of water depending on how
deep it is on the top of the hump you are checking.Good electronics
are key and boat position is critical once you locate a school. I run
Humminbird electronics and just love the speed of the units and the
clarity of the sonar and the imaging. If you havent tried the latest
units you should. They are the deal! My standard rigs for summer
daytime bassin on Lake Fork are the carolina rig using 20 pound
Berkley Trilene 100% flouro , a one ounce tungsten weight by
Affordable Tungsten and about about a four foot leader of 15 pound
Berkley 100 Flouro with a 3/0 Mustad mega Wide Gap Hook. On the
business end we have been catching them all summer long on the Berkley
Havoc Bottom Hopper worms in Shady Watermelon Candy color and also in
Red Bug. We have also been catching them on the old trusty 10 inch
Berkley Power worm in Blue Fleck color. I have been rigging this one
on 17 pound Berkley Triline 100% flouro using a 3/8 to 1/2 tungsten
sinker and a 5/0 Mustad Mega Wide gap Hook. Another weapon on summer
is the Talon Football Jig in 3/4 ounce in the watermelon candy color
tipped with the Berkley havoc Duece twin tail grub. The big Talon
Spoons are also a standby for summer time bassin and will catch them
suspended and off of the bottom. The deep crankbait is another one
that need to be on the deck of your boat this time of year. You can
fish it on the schoolers and also run it through the deep timber as
sometimes the fish will suspend up in the trees during the day
especially if the wind is calm.I like to rig all of these deep water
set ups on a 7 ft heavy action ABU Garcia Veritas rod and ABU Garcia
Revo Premier or SX reel. The only exception is the crankbait and I
like to rig it on the 7′-3″ med/heavy Veritas. It has the perfect
action. Late in the evenings we are catching fish at the mouths of
some of the creeks on the points. We are catching them off of the
trees using the texas rigged Power Worms on the points and just inside
the points and also catching some schooling fish on topwaters and
crankbaits. It is a blast. If you would like to book a trip and get
some instruction on how to read your electronics properly and catch
some deep water Lake Fork Pigs give us a shout at 903-569-7451 or drop
us a line at Or for more info check out our
website at For daily updates and fish
photos check us out on facebook under John Tanner. God Bless and good

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*Phone 903 569 7451**
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