Andrew Grills Lake Fork Report 9-8-12

The fishing on Lake Fork is getting better! Its been a tough month as most of you know. We are in the midst of a big transition that began in early August. However, the cold front this weekend should bring an end to this slow spell.

For the next few weeks we will be fishing shallow and deep. This is a good time to be a “junk fisherman”. A lot of patterns will be working. For shallow water, topwaters, shallow running crankbaits, and weightless baits will work well. For deeper fish, carolina rigs, spoons, deep divers, and football jigs will produce.

As always, I try to target big fish, so I will be targetting areas that are proven to produce big bass. I will keep 5 rods rigged on the deck: A deep running crankbait, carolina rig, shaky head, spoon, and jig. There are plenty of other ways to catch fish but these have been most productive for me.

There are a few types of structure I will key in on. All have deep water close by. I’m looking at channel swings adjacent to points, humps, pond dams, and ledges. Brush piles are also productive, as long as there is deep water access. When the sun is high and conditions are tough, don’t be afraid to break out some light line and a shaky head or drop-shot. Occasionally they produce some big fish too.


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One Response to “Andrew Grills Lake Fork Report 9-8-12”

  1. Pawleys Island Fishing Charter Says:

    Lake Fork is one of the hottest bass fishing lake and one of the largest lakes in Texas. It holds records for 34 out of 50 large mouth bass caught in Texas. My sport is fishing that is why I love traveling to different lakes and beaches and I love to do my adventure in Fork Lake and Myrtle Beach fishing charter. Nice one junk fisherman, you know what before I do not know what junk fishing means though I love fishing it confused me. After searching and asking different friends they told me that “Junk Fishing, is throwing everything but the kitchen sink to catch fish that are not on any given pattern” . It is a term used when individual fish are being caught on a singular lure, requiring that a new lure or presentation be used to coax another strike from another fish, in the same location and position as the last. No one can explain with any certainty why this occurs and the person who is doing junk fishing is called junk fisherman. Now I can say I am a junk fisherman too. Good luck John Morris keep it up.

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