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John Morris Lake Fork Report October 1-7

October 8, 2012

FROM: J & M Guide Service
DATE: 1 – 7 October 2012

What a beautiful week on Lake Fork. The water temperatures stayed in the upper 70’s and the water in the lower lake is good and clear. The upper parts in Garrett and Birch creeks are stained. On Saturday the North wind hit and cooled the water temperatures down to 75 degrees, which did not hurt the fishing. The pattern did changed a little. We found using a Lake Fork Trophy Tackle 8 inch black and blue worm on a 5/16 ounce shaky head jig was very productive. We fished Lilly pads in stained water. We pitched the shaky head setup on top of the pads and slowly dragged it off of the pad into an opening. The Largemouth would hit it on the drop. I highly recommend a 7 ½ foot rod with 20 pound test line to do this. You will find the Largemouth Bass will try to wind your around the pad stocks and hydrila. You need a stiff rod and good line to get them out. In south end of the lake where the water is clearer the little crank bait is still working. The KVD 1.5 in shad color is still the bait of choice for this method. Don’t forget the erratic retrieve. That is part of the secret of using this bait.

The Crappies fishing was fare this week. Most of the good Crappies are being taking with medium sized minnows around bridge pylons. The 515 west bridge is still the best.

The big White Bass are scattered and can be taken on the Tackle Factory ½ ounce flutter spoon. With the water temperatures falling today the White Bass fishing should pick up this week.

The Catfish fishing is continuing to pick up. Numerous Catfish are being taken using Yellow bait. Look for isolate timber in 20 to 24 foot of water, close to deepwater drops.
Cut bait will work great also.

While you are at Lake Fork, make sure you stop into Lake Fork Marina and stock up on the latest in fishing tackle. Make sure you take at look at there great selection of fishing rods while your there.

With the Berkley Tournament fast approaching us, we are booking guided fishing trips if you need some help here at Lake Fork. Give us a call here toll free: 1-888-454-7037.
Have a great fishing week and wear those life vest while the big motor is running.

J & M Guide Service
(John Morris)


John Morris Lake Fork Report 10-1-12

October 2, 2012


FROM:   J & M Guide Service

DATE:  22 – 30 September 2012


With Autumn starting on the 22nd and the cooler evening temperatures the fish have started to feed again.  The morning water temperatures are starting out about 75 degrees and reaching around 80 degrees in the afternoon.  The Lake Fork Trophy Lures Boot Tail Magic Shad was still a good bait to catch 5 to 9 pound Largemouth Bass here a Lake Fork.  The KVD 1.5 square bill crank bait in the normal shad color put a lot of Largemouth Bass in the boat and few of them went up to 6 pounds.  Hold on to your rod because there is no doubt when they hit that little crank bait.  The third way we caught them this week was the good ole shaky head jig with a watermelon/purple Baby Brush Hog.  This was especially effective during the rain on Saturday and Sunday when the Largemouth Bass did not want to chase a bait very far. 


The Crappies were still really slow.  With the fresh water coming into the lake this last weekend I expect the Crappies to start biting better this week.  What few crappies that were being caught were caught using small minnows around the 515 bridge pylons.


The White Bass pattern did not change much this week.  We are still using Lake Fork Tackle ½ oz flutter spoon in the Barr fish pattern.  If you want a lot of fun use an ultra light rod and 6 pound test line to catch these White Bass.


The Catfish picked up this week.  Most guys were using stink bait and cut bait.  Several guys reported that they were catching 30 to 40 Catfish in a morning’s time.  Lots of fun!


While you are at Lake Fork, make sure you stop into Lake Fork Marina a pick up the latest in fishing tackle.  Oh yes, make sure that you bring the wives in and let them shop for some Dana’s latest apparel. 


We still have several openings for Fall guided fishing trips.  Give us a call here at J & M Guide Service, toll free: 1-888-454-7037.  Have a great fishing week and wear those life vest when the big motor is running.


J & M Guide Service

(John Morris)