Andrew Grills Lake Fork Report 11-15-2012

Water temps are dropping and big fish are starting to show up. Big changes are taking place with the cold front that came through this past weekend. Fish are showing up in the deeper areas where they should be this time of year, and there are also some fish in the creeks.

Right now, I’m throwing a Toadwrangler jig around heavy timber or brush in 12-18′ of water. The bites can be very subtle, and you dont get many, so you have to be on point. However, the bites you do get will be quality fish. I tend to fish a jig slow, and get most of my bites when the jig falls or rolls over some cover.

I’m also throwing a carolina rig, spoon, and football jig for the deep fish. The depth will vary, but a good depth to look at is 20-30′. Im relying on my graph to tell if feeding fish are in the area. Some of the deep spots have potential for a true giant fish this time of year, so be ready.

The jig bite is just picking back up, bigger fish are coming soon! laugh


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