Lake Fork Guide John Morris Report 11-27-2012

It is good to back in home fishing the best Bass Lake in Texas.  Lake Fork continues to produce a large amount of quality Florida Strain Largemouth Bass as evident of this weeks fishing.  We caught several Largemouth Bass this week over 6 pounds and a few pushing 9 pounds.  The bait of choice this week was a green/pumpkin 3/16 ounce jig with a watermelon red trailer.   The problem we found was that the bite was very very soft.  If you were not watching your line, you would miss the strike.  The Bass would just swim off with the bait.

The Crappie have also really picked up.  We found out that the small 1/8 ounce white/blue jig with a chartreuse tail worked the best.  There preferred water death was 19 to 24 foot of water.  We fished the jigs over isolated tree piles.

The unusual pattern was not to jig the jig up and down but rather it sit still.  The bite was very light so watch your line and rod tip.  We were using a light action spinning rod with 6 pound Stren line.


While I was gone someone turned the White Bass and Yellow Bass (Barr fish) switch on.  Saturday morning we caught White Bass and Barr fish as fast as you could let the ½ ounce (Barr fish color) flutter spoon down into 22 – 24 foot of water over the sunken trash piles.  We used medium action rods with 8 pound test clear Stren line.  Lots of action and ton of fun.  This type of fishing is a good way to get kids hooked on fishing.  Oh by the way it also provides quality time for Dad, Mom and children to spend quality time in our great outdoors.


While you are at Lake Fork, make sure you stop into Lake Fork Marina and pick up a good supply of those Crappie jigs.


We are taking bookings for Bass, White Bass and Barr fish trips for the Christmas Holidays.  So bring the family and enjoy the Lake Fork at its finest.  Give us a call at Toll Free 1-888-454-7037.


J & M Guide Service

(John Morris)



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