Terri Moon Lake Fork Report March 2013

CONTACT TERRI MOON: 903-383-7773 I always have 2-3 emails from people wanting to contact Ms. Moon for a guide trip.

WOW-  March got here in the “blink of an eye!”  But the 30 and 40mph winds have been brutal!  I’m ready for some “light and variable” winds.  Pre-spawn crappie can be tough to figure out but it all comes down to water temperature that triggers spawning activity.

We’ve had some mild temperatures and main lake temperatures reached the mid 50’s.  The crappie started their transition up the creeks.  Then front after front came through and knocked water temps to the low 50’s and then the crappie would back off to deeper water.  Then we had a very cold rain that dropped the cove temperatures 4-5 cooler than the main lake temps.  So needless to say these crappie have been on the move!

We’ve caught them in 30ft, 15ft, and as shallow as 10ft.  We are checking around the main creeks and secondary points.  When water temp reaches 55 to 60 degrees, you should find the males in the shallows and the females will stage around the nearest deep water structure.  But once again, we’re at the mercy of the weather.  Just when things get right here comes another northern!  This can set the movement back a few days or a couple of weeks so you might have to do a lot of searching.  Don’t just hang around in a spot hoping they’ll show up.  Don’t give up on the deep water crappie.  There are still a bunch down the lake and they are still a bunch down the lake and they are less effected by the cold fronts.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to have fun with a slip bobber!  Also remember, in the early stages of prespawn the crappie are not aggressive so NO MOTION with your bait is more effective.  It will be very light bite so really pay attention to your line.  It might just go slack, but if you feel anything at all- JERK!  You’ll find the more shallow they are the harder they’ll hit!

The baits working for us have been Lake Fork Tackle’s “Live Baby Shad” in sun perch and watermelon/red pearl.  We’re also catching them on Pro Angler Tackle‘s tube baits in chartreuse and pearl.

I have to say once again, THANK YOU TO ALL who contributed to helping me get through such a tough time the past couple of months.  YOur generosity and compassion has been overwhelming.

I wish many blessings to you all.  It is so great to be back on the water.  It wouldn’t have been possible without each and every one of you!  God Bless you all!


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