Ronnie Kelley Lake Fork Report 3-23-2013

Had a GREAT day the other day and wanted to share some pics with yall. The day started off HORRIBLE as I woke up with a really bad migrain. First stop of the morning I couldnt even hold my head up, luckily we landed the first fish of the day. An 8lb 2oz donkey. She was caught on a drop shot in 3ft of water. BTW, this is Kathys from Santones mom…her new PB

Later that evening I headed back out to meet the guys I was fishing with the next day…they wanted to get a few hours on the water that evening, and im glad they did. When I got out I instantly started catching fish, Jason Hoffman had called me and clued me into something, next thing I know i have a 9lb 11oz chunk in the boat.
A few minuntes later Hoffman calls, customer has an 11ber in the boat…DANG!!!
So I catch a few more with a couple of 5-6lber and my customers arive. Pick them up at the ramp and we’re off.
Make it short, Travis had a 7lb 9oz’r on a swimbait, a 10lb 4oz on a craw tube and I caught a 7lb 4oz on a crawtube.
All in all we had (for the day) a 10-4, 9-11, 8-2, 7-9, 7-4, total of 43lbs!!! Great day, and we were throwing back some chunks.







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