John Morris Weekly Lake Fork Report


FROM:  J & M Guide Service

This week we saw warming air and water temperatures.   The water temperatures were 62 to 65 degrees in the creeks and 58 to 62 degrees on the main lake.  The Bass were moving in to the main lake sub creeks and getting ready to spawn.   We continued to catch Bass on green pumpkin/red flake Lake Fork Trophy Lures 5 inch Hyper Stick.  We were using the split shot rig because of the wind.  Remember move it very, very slowly. We also began using the Zoom 8” Magnum Lizard in the traditional watermelon red color.  One little twist we always use here at Lake Fork is we dyed the tail chartreuse.  We used the Texas rig for this application.   We also found our most productive water death was 1 to 4 feet.  One of the most asked questions I get from clients are what pound test line should I spool my reels up for Lake Fork.  Here is my answer; 17 to 20 pound test.  In this lake you don’t know if the Bass are going to be 2 pounds or 16 pounds. 

The Crappie fishermen are still having a ball.  Numerous 2 to 2 ½ pound Crappie are being taking on live minnows in three to six feet of water.  Again they are right next to stumps.  The better Crappie are being taken in that 5 to 6 feet range.

The White Bass are in the creeks getting ready to spawn and are eating all the live bait they can eat.  Any size of minnows will work.  They really like that bait moving.

The Catfish picked up this week.  Punch bait and cut bait were the two most product baits.  The best water deaths to catch the catfish in were 12 to 16 feet.  Now keep in mind when the water temperatures gets to 65 degrees the Catfish will also be moving in to spawn.

I am really seeing a lot of fishermen running down the lake without their life vest on.  Guys and gals please be advised that the lake is down 4 ½ feet and you cannot see a lot of the stumps.  Please be careful and wear those life vest if that big motor is running, “for the life you save, might be yours or a love one”.

While you are a Lake Fork, make you stop into Lake Fork Marina and pick up your minnows and a snack to go with them.  Make sure you check out the great selection of rods and crank baits while you are there.  They are a great source of information on what is happening around the lake.

We here at J & M Guide Service still have a few open days in May and June for guided fishing trips on beautiful Lake Fork.  So give us a call Toll Free: 1-888-454-7037.  Have a great fishing week.

J & M Guide Service

John Morris



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