Eric Wright, Lake Fork Report 5-8-13

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Fishing was killer today! 

I wanted to give a brief breakdown how I plan to fish this upcoming weekend (5-10/5-11) on Lake Fork and provide links to some of the tackle/equipment I’ll be using. Hopefully this helps some of you. Good news is the fish are still moving up on beds, top water bite is picking up and the weather is warming.

Here are a few fish we caught today 5-8-13



Water temp this morning was 67, while in the later part of the day I was finding temps reaching 76.  Winds started out calm early in the morning, then became breezy later in the afternoon. Water clarity seems to be getting better and has cleared up a lot after the bad winds we had last week. This weekend you’ll want to keep an eye out on the forecast  as we could have some weather moving in.


I’m seeing a lot of fish in mid-lake areas, back in the creeks up shallow.  Not to say you won’t find fish in other areas, but this is where I’m spending most of my time.

In the early morning try a Yellow Magic (Bone) . Hopefully the cloud cover this weekend will provide some opportunity to catch a few up on top.

If the clouds start clearing and/or the action slows down, change it up. For sight fishing I’ve been T-Rigging a  Okeechobee Craw with a #3 Owner Rig-N-Hook and a 1/8 oz weight.

You’ll also want to rig up a weightless Zoom Super Fluke (Watermelon Mardi Gras) and fish it in 1′-3′ water back in the creeks.

Zoom Super Fluke (Watermelon Mardi Gras)

If you want to move out a little deeper with a drop shot, I suggest a Zoom finesse- worm with a #1 Owner Rig-N-Hook and a 1/4 oz weight. I use 10-lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon with a 12-14” leader.


Upcoming May Tournament Schedule for Lake Fork.


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If you’re planning a trip to Lake Fork this weekend, I hope the above information helps you catch a monster. As always, whether you’re looking to gain knowledge before a tournament or just want to come out and enjoy some good fishing, I’d appreciate the opportunity to help and share my knowledge with you. The best way to see what dates I have available is to give me a call @ 972 – 757 – 7947.

Good fishing,


Eric Wright  –  Phone: 972 -757 -7947 – Email:


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