Andrew Grills Lake Fork Report 6-14-13

Fishing is pretty good right now on Fork. I love summer, and it seems like the hotter it is the better the fishing gets. What makes it so exciting is the opportunity to locate schools of big bass grouped together on offshore structure. The fishing was pretty good for me last week leading up to the Skeeter Owner’s Tournament. Due to the high volume of boats on the water practicing later in the week, I opted to fish some patterns where there would be less boat traffic. We targeted bass in 1-3’ of water near areas with high concentrations of bluegill. To catch these fish we used Texas rigged soft plastics in bream colors. Getting away from the crowds paid off for my customers. We actually caught several fish in the 8-9lb range doing this, along with a decent number of smaller slot fish. I was fortunate to see a customer break their personal best bass 5 of the last 6 trips.

Today I wasn’t expecting much action. The day after a mega-tournament can be tough, but it turned out great. The best thing was only seeing a couple other boats all day. We targeted fish in deeper water today with deep-diving crankbaits and Carolina rigs. We weeded through tons of sandbass, but it was worth it when those 8lb heads came up thrashing!

These pictures were taken on my last 4 trips.


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