John Morris Weekly Lake Fork Fishing Report July 2013

FROM: J & M Guide Service

This week we found that the water temperatures only rose 2 degrees to 86. The water clarity was lightly stained in the creeks and continued to clear up in the south end of the lake. We continued to catch good Bass in 22 to 26 foot of water on remote brush piles and old road beds. Joe’s (The Tackle Factory) chrome/chartreuse spoon continued to work great. The trick of using the spoon is to make sure you let the spoon get all the way to the bottom. If you don’t the White Bass will drive you crazy! The Carolina rig and Texas rigged worm bite has slowed down for right now.
The Crappie fishing stayed pretty constant this week. Several good Crappies were being taken in 26 to 30 foot of water on small white and chartreuse jigs. Minnows were also working!
What can I say about those White Bass? They are still eating anything with chrome on it. Joe’s spoon will wear them out. You might want to try the ole standby, the chrome and blue Rattle Trap. We found that the ½ ounce one worked the best.
The Catfish were still being caught in big numbers. Stink bait worked best around old stumps in 18 to 20 foot of water. Did I mention they are great eating?
I would like to tell you about the best stocked, best run, cleanest and the most knowledgeable Marina in the whole Lake Fork area. Lake Fork Marina has a great selection of the Tackle Factories spoons, lively minnows and crickets, plus a great selection of Strike King Baits. For you guys that are thinking about the upcoming Berkley Tournament, Lake Fork Marina has a great selection of Berkley baits to help you to get ready for it. Don’t forget to pick up plenty of water to stop your dehydration.
You folks that like take the whole family fishing need to stop into Nichols Marine in Longview, TX and check out the 2013 Ranger Reata 211 Fish and Ski. It is white/red mist/raspberry in color and comes with a Yamaha VF225LA, rear deck pad, stereo, tandem trailer with brakes and a cover. Perfect for the family!
We still several openings in July and August for Bass and White Bass guide fishing trips. If you need help getting for the McDonalds Big Bass Splash or the Berkley Tournament, give me a call, I can do ½ or full day trips to help you. Our phone number is Toll Free: 1-888-454-7037 or E-mail us: Have a great fishing week and stay hydrated.
John Morris
J & M Guide Service


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