Lake Fork Report Guide John Morris August 2013 Part 2


FROM:  J & M Guide Service


This week was very unusual for August in East Texas.  The morning temperatures got down into the mid 60’s which meant that the water temperatures dropped into the mid 80’s.  “It was great”.  The lake water clarity is heavily stained due to the lake turning over.  The Bass fishing was fair to good.   The two baits of choice were the white buzz bait and the Zoom Mag II blue fleck worm.  We used the white buzz baits on main lake points from daylight to around 07:30 AM.  After that we found our best Bass bite on creek sub points near deep water.   This bite lasted most of the rest of the day.  The Zoom worm was rigged Texas style using a 3/16 ounce South Bend bullet weight and a Eagle Claw LO45 4/0 worm hook.  The Rod and reel of choice was an Ardent Edge reel and a 7 foot 4 inch Ardent Denny Brauer worm rod.  It was a great combination with great hook setting power.

The Crappie fishing still was slow this week due to the lake turning over.  The straight minnow rig worked the best in 22 foot of water around all the main lake bridges.

The Catfish were still hungry this week.  Punch bait seemed to be their bait of choice.   It was noted the best water depth was 18 to 20 feet to catch good numbers of Catfish.

The White Bass were scattered out this week.  They were found on just about any old road bed in about 24 foot of water.  Joe Spaits chrome/chartreuse flutter spoon still worked the best.

Lake Fork Marina is the place to buy Joe’s spoons and the liveliest minnows.  Don’t forget to check out in the latest in fishing rods while you are in the store.  Plus, pick up several bottles of water to stay hydrated with.

The new 2014 Ranger boats are arriving at Nichols Marine in Longview, TX.  They now have the “NEW” Ranger Z521c in the NASCAR Edition in stock.  It is powered by a Mercury Pro Max 250 and has all the bell and whistles.  Don’t miss being the first to have one of the all new Z521c’s.

We are busy taking reservations for the fall fishing season here at the awesome Lake Fork.  We can also help you get ready for the McDonalds Big Bass Splash and Berkley tournaments.  So, give us a call at Toll Free: 1-888-454-7037 or E-mail us at: .  Have a safe boating week and keep those life vests on if that big motor is running.


John Morris

J & M Guide Service


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