Andrew Grills Lake Fork Report September 13, 2013

Its been a very good year for big fish here on Lake Fork. September is one of the tougher months to consistently catch big bass, but we have had a few really nice fish and some big ones that got away. The numbers have been a little low, but we usually get a big fish on at some point on most days.

Right now, I am targeting groups of feeding fish early in the morning. In certain areas there are active fish the first couple hours of daylight. I like to throw moving baits at these fish. Lures like crankbaits, spinnerbaits, lipless baits, and topwaters can work well. I know I’m in the right areas when I see feeding fish on my Lowrance, and occasionally you will see them come to the surface. Schooling fish can be found in virtually any depth, because they’re relating more to schools of baitfish than bottom contour.

As the day progresses I will move into other areas with more cover in order to catch the fish that aren’t quite as active. Often, slowing down and fishing a small bait like a dropshot worm may be the only way I can catch them. However, there are times when aggressively fishing a deep diving crankbait through the trees can get a reaction bite. This is a very good way to catch big fish this time of year. When that crankbait careens through the branches, the fish react and hit the bait out of instinct. I like to focus on depths around 10-15′ of water this time of year, but usually catch a few shallower and deeper as well. I’m still staying close to structure like the edges of points, ridges, humps, and channel drops. This is a transition time for the fish, so there will be fish in various patterns throughout the lake.

The McDonalds Big Bass Splash is coming up and the lake will get increasingly busy with competitors practicing and going out with guides to get ready for the tournament. Remember that we are nearly 6 feet low right now, and the lake can be dangerous to navigate. There are a lot of stumps just under the surface in areas where it was safe to run when the lake was full. Be careful!


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