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Cold Front and Warm up! 1-25-14

January 25, 2014

Very strange weather we are having.  High of 65 today, night before last it was 16 degrees with surface water temps hovering in the upper 30s early yesterday morning.  Not many people did well yesterday, we had a 8.98 weighed in with an air bladder.




The following pics are from Guide James Caldemeyer (903-736-9888) caught on 1-24-14.  James said Jerkbaits and Crankbaits in 2-6 foot have been producing for him.  




Lake Fork 2014!!

January 23, 2014

Looking forward to this spring!  Lake Fork has produced 3 sharelunkers in the 2014 season!  We should have an amazing spring, enjoy the photos taken by Texas Parks and Wildlife.


Andrew Grills Lake Fork Report 1-21-14

January 23, 2014

Fishing is pretty decent for bigger fish right now on Lake Fork, considering it is January. Numbers of fish caught are lower than what you would expect the rest of the year, but the average size is very good. Although the numbers aren’t that high, it isn’t unusual if we don’t catch a single fish under 4lbs in a given day. I love this time of year because the lake isn’t too crowded and the bass you do catch are probably gonna be good ones.

Saturday, my customer Bud Biram from Tulsa, who has been fishing with me on a regular basis since last June, broke his personal best again. This time it was a 9lb 10oz beauty! She is the first fish in the pictures. He had the patience to keep at it and it paid off. The main mistake I see people make this time of year is that they lose patience and confidence because they don’t get very many bites. I work specific stretches over thoroughly, with lures that have been proven to work on Lake Fork through the years, because I believe big fish are close by.

Right now I am keying in on a variety of areas. The best pattern for me has been fishing break lines adjacent to spawning flats, but the jig is still producing the better quality fish on most days. The jig bite hasn’t been what it was the past few years, but I keep checking areas with a jig because I know that its a big fish presentation. I’m basically fishing in places where fish stage up to prepare for spawning. This is a great time to catch a double digit sized fish because the larger, female fish are feeding to put on weight before they spawn and they’re full of eggs. If you look at the list of the largest bass ever caught in Texas, you’ll find many were caught in January and February.

If you’re looking to catch a trophy sized bass I encourage you to give Lake Fork a try during the next month. Its a great time to catch a big one! The following pictures are from my last two trips.