Big fish season is open on Lake Fork!

It looks like the winter grind is FINALLY over and I can start putting reports out on a regular basis.  We had some warm weather Friday, but I wasn’t too optimstic it would hold together.  Water temps last week were in the mid 30’s in the morning to low 40’s in the afternoon.   Water temp hit 55 degrees in several places late yesterday and the fish turned on.  Numbers are showing up as well as size!

If you have a chance to make it down in the next 7 days do it!  Forecast is calling for some colder weather on the 25th, until then…GAME ON!  In 2003 I was catching bed fish the 3rd week of Feb with guide Jimmy Everett in Glade while everyone else was struggling.  We had Glade completely to ourselves, not just the east field but the entire bay.  Jimmy STROKED them (look at the archives) Feb/March of that year while nearly every guide on the lake was in Penson and White Oak.

I am completely sold out of suspending rouges and running low on traps.   Bring some Yo-zuri rattl’n vibes before you get here, I sold out this weekend and will not have them in the marina for another week.

Everyone is stacked up in Glade, you CAN catch fish there but it is over crowded and was hammered on most of the winter.  The east field of Glade has the best grass on the lake bar none.

Penson was 57 degrees late this afternoon, but is basically void of grass.  We had some customers catch a 9lber out of Penson yesterday on a trick worm, but they only had 2 other fish out of it.

55+ degree water:

Beyond the second powerline in Birch

White Oak




Past the bridge in Little Mustang


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