Lake Fork Guide Eric Wright 2-21-14


It is definitely starting to pick up here on Lake Fork. In the last 3 days the water temperature has climbed almost 15 degrees in the backs of the creeks from 47 to 61 in the afternoon. The main lake is about 55 degrees.

I am catching my bigger fish on moving baits such as crawfish pattern rattle traps or a white chatter bait while in clear water and switching to a black bait in stained water. I am fishing in 4 to 6 ft on grass flats next to creeks that lead to good spawning spots.

The unders I am catching are in the backs of the creeks 2 to 3 ft fishing wacky worms (Tomato/Watermelon) and drop shots with a 10-inch leader, a number 1 hook and 1/8 oz weight. That’s about all I can get them to bite right now.

I still have a few dates in early March available for full – half day. I can also work evenings if people are interested. The best way to reach me is to give me a call 972 757 7947 /


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