Andrew Grills Lake Fork Report

As usual, February was great for big fish. I haven’t had the time to post pictures as often but it was a good month. A few of the fish pictured were caught in the last two days, but the rest are from the past couple weeks. We caught big fish as deep as 40′ suspended, and some as shallow as 3′. Numbers have been low, but heck, my numbers are almost always on the low side this time of year. Fortunately, we often get a big one that makes the day.

It looks like another severe cold front is coming in, and that’s right down my alley. It will position the fish in the deepest water nearby. They wont bite as good, but at least I’ll know where they’re at. It seems like the biggest fish come on the worst days weather-wise this time of year, so I never let the weather bother me as long as its safe.

Right now, I’m catching fish in 3-10′ on structure near spawning areas. Moving baits have been most productive, but on some days we have to slow down with a shaky head or an M-Pack Lures jig.


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