FROM:  J & M Guide Service

DATE:  28 February – 5 March 2016

Lake Fork bass fishing is starting to pick up in a big way. We saw water temperatures rise to a great 62 degrees and the big Bass are starting to move up in creeks in a big way.  The water clarity is still highly stained to muddy in the back of creeks and stained in the main lake. We caught several good Bass on the good “ole” jig and the spinner bait was also working well.  The jig color was very critical.  We used a black and chartreuse ½ ounce jig with a watermelon red Zoom Brush Hog as a trailer.  Now about that Brush Hog, we dyed the tails chartreuse and cut the body off just below the wings, then put it on the jig hook.  The spinner bait combination was basically the same as I used last week. It was a 3/8 ounce spinnerbait body with a chartreuse/white/orange skirt with gold Colorado blades.  Now here is the twist!  I added a Lake Fork Trophy Lures “Live” Magic Shad in the fire perch color as a trailer.  A great combination!  Our rod and reel combination for the week was a Duckett Ghost 7.6 rod with an ABU Garcia Orra SX reel lined with Stren 17 pound test Line.  While you are at Lake Fork stop in Lake Fork Marina and see their great line up of new lures and check out their selection of Duckett rods and ABU Garcia reels.

The White Bass were driving the Crappie fishermen crazy.  The Crappie fishermen and the White Bass were using straight minnow rigs for bait.  So bottom line is when you are fishing for White Bass you might get a bonus with a large Crappie.

On the other hand you Crappie fishermen you might also get a surprise while using a Crappie jig or straight minnow rig, “a magnum White Bass”.  I noted the Crappies are still moving up in the water column.  There were in 12 to 14 feet over my brush piles.  Lots of fun!

The Lake Fork bass spawn is quickly approaching.  We have a few open dates for guided Bass and Crappie trips in March and April.  Give us a call at (903) 413-6919 or E-mail us at: .  Be a line watcher and have a great fishing week. 


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