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June 20, 2016

FROM:  J & M Guide Service

DATES:  12 – 19 June 2016

It was good to be back at Lake Fork this week.  I have been down in Longview, TX, doing the summer boat show with Nichols Marine.  The lake is at full pool and the water is stained over most of the lake.   The water temperatures are 85 to 86 in most parts of the lake.  The Bass fishing has been fair due to the damn having two to three gates open.  You might ask why I bring this up, well these are Florida strain Bass and they “do not” like the current that is caused by the gates of the damn being open.  They are supposed to close them in the morning.  Several patterns worked this week, to include Carolina rigging, small crankbaits, jigging spoons and wacky worms.  The bait that we used on our Carolina rigs was our ole standby, watermelon/red Zoom Baby Brush Hog with chartreuse dyed tails.  We used Strike King 1.5 crankbaits early in the mornings.  Gizzard shad pattern worked the best!  Two patterns worked in the afternoon, spoons and wacky worms.  We moved in and fished the grass in the early afternoons with a chartreuse/pepper Zoom trick worm rigged wacky style.  You had to really work it slow!  The most productive pattern was by using Joe Spaits ½ ounce white with a black stripe Flashtail jigging spoon in 12 to 19 foot of water over brush piles.  Hang on! ☺   Tools for success this week continued to be Duckett Ghost rods and ABU Garcia Orra SX reels spooled with Original Stren 17 pound test line.  A deadly combination!

The White Bass were eating anything silver in the water.  We were very successful by using Joe Spaits Chrome with red eyes ½ ounce Flashtail jigging spoon in 20 to 24 foot of water on top of brush piles.   Take the kids out, they will have a ball.

The Crappie are finally showing up at the bridges in good numbers and size.  We used chartreuse/pink 1/8 ounce Crappie jigs and down sized our lines to 4 pound test.  However, with that being said, our best Crappie came off of brush piles in 19 to 22 foot of water.

You Catfish fishing folks are missing it if you are not at Lake Fork right now.  Good numbers and sizes are being caught both at night and during the day.  Punch bait still is the bait of choice around baited trees in 26 to 28 foot of water.  Have fun!

Now that outside air temperatures are reaching the upper 90’s every day you must be aware of dehydration.  Please drink plenty of water throughout the day.  If you forget your water or just simply need water and ice make sure you stop into Lake Fork Marina tackle shop and pick up it up.  While you are in the Lake Fork tackle shop make sure you check out the good selection to the Duckett rods.

I am on vacation the 20 through the 28 of June but we will be taking bookings for Bass, Crappie and White Bass trips for July.  Give us a call at (903) 413-6919 or E-mail us at: .  Have a great fishing week and fish slowly and keep a tight line.