J & M Guide Service Weekly Fishing Report

DATES:  28 June – 3 July 2016

Summer is here in full swing.  The water temperatures are in the upper 80’s to the lower 90’s.  The water clarity in most parts of the lake is stained to heavily stained.   The Bass are feeding in the early morning hours in 3 to 5 feet of water and then about 0800 they are moving into 12 to 20 feet of water.  The top water action has been limited in the early mornings but it has been offset by the wacky worm bite.  Look for isolated clumps of grass and throw past the clumps then work the wacky worm right into the grass. We found that the Zoom chartreuse/pepper trick worm rigged wacky style worked the best.   After 0800 move out into deeper water and use a Carolina rig.   This week I found that 12 to 14 foot of water was the best water depth, though the 20 foot level still produced a few fish.   One thing we did do a little different on our Carolina rig was change from a Zoom Baby Brush Hog to a Lake Fork Trophy Lures chartreuse/pepper Hyper Stick.  Great bait!!!  We continued to use Duckett rods and ABU Garcia Orra SX reels lined with Stren Original 17 pound test line.

The White Bass have moved into deeper water (24 to 28 foot).   We used Joe Spaits Flashtail silver with red eyes jigging spoon; it seemed to work the best.  I did notice that the bite is very light.  So expect to miss a few.  By the way, once in a while you will get a very large surprise—a largemouth Bass.  They out with the White Bass feed on the small White Bass.

The Crappie this week were a different story.  For some reason they were scattered out all over the lake.   We had to hunt for them, even under the bridges.  Minnows were the best bet to catch them.   There have been some complaints of the Crappie minnows dying quickly after they hit the 90 degree water.  Here is what is happening.  When you buy your minnows they are kept in tanks that have controlled water temperatures of 68 to 75 degrees.  When they hit the 90 degree lake water temperatures it stresses them to the max and they don’t last as long as you might like.  Keep aerators on in you minnow buckets and that will help a little.

The Catfish fishermen continued to have a good week.  They were catching them around baited trees in 26 foot of water.  The bait of choice was punch bait.

Lake Fork Marina has a good selectin of Zoom Trick Worms and minnows for you fishermen.  Don’t for get to pick up plenty of water because as the air temperature goes up so does the dehydration rate.  Stay Hydrated!

Now that I am back from vacation I am taking bookings for July and August for Bass, White Bass and Crappie trips.   Give us a call at: (903) 413-6919 or E-mail us at: bassmr@geusnet.com.  Have a great fishing week and stay haydrated.



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