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August 17, 2016


DATES:  1 – 7 August, 2016

It was another hot week here at Lake Fork.   With the air temperatures in the 100+ range this week the water temperatures reached 92 to 95 degrees.  The water clarity continues to improve in the main lake area and even in the back of some creeks.  The evaporation rate continues to take its toll on the lake level with the lake now being down about a foot.  What that means is some of our stump Bass ☺ are starting to show up.  Please be careful where you are running!  The other issue is the dehydration factor.  Guys and gals please drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated which will help you catch more fish here at Lake Fork.  The Bass could still be caught in 16 to 20 foot of water using a Carolina rig or you can move into 3 to 5 foot of water and use a wacky rig.  We continued to use Lake Fork Trophy Lures chartreuse/pepper ring fry on our Carolina rigs.  We also continued using the chartreuse/pumpkin Zoom trick worm rigged wacky style to catch good numbers of fish up to 6.5 pounds.  Don’t forget to put a nail in the head of the wacky worm is get it down into the grass and pads.  Our better fish came after lunch in the heat of the day.  If you can stand the heat the Bass will bite!  Duckett Ghost rods and ABU Garcia Orra SX reels did all the work for us again this week.

The White Bass remain scattered out on main lake points and creek bends.  If you can find a brush pile on a creek bend that will really help you.  24 foot of water is the key factor.  Yes, use a Joe Spaits chrome and chartreuse flutter spoon.

The Crappie fishing was slow again this week.  The 515 bridges are your best bet and use the good ole minnow rig to fill you your plate with.

Now for the Catfish report.  Just continue baiting trees in 28 to 30 foot of water and you will get bit all day and all night, use punch bait.  A few trout line fishermen are having success using cut bait.  

While you are at beautiful Lake Fork, you need to stop in at Lake Fork Marina and check out their newly remodeled tackle store.  New product is coming in every day and you really need to check out the upstairs portion and see the new clothes product lines.

Yes it is hot!  But we are booking Bass and White Bass guide trips all throughout this month.  Don’t  forget that the Big Bass Splash is coming up, so if you need help getting ready for it give us a call at: (903) 413-6919 or E-mail us at:  Keep a tight line and have a safe fishing week.