Eric Wright – Lake Fork Report

Here is Eric’s latest report.

The last two weeks this cooler weather has the water temp starting to drop down in the lower 80’s and the fish have started to move so I’ve had to change it up some. The fish have been biting very good for us, we’re not getting a lot of really big fish, but have caught some good one’s and a lot of solid under fish. I think on Sunday we might have had 40+. So, the numbers are really good right now.

I have been catching these fish shallow and deep. The fish I am on shallow are way in the backs of the creeks in 1’ – 2’ deep. I am using a Texas Rig with 1/8 oz weight and a #3 rigging hook. The best bait on that for me has been an Ultravibe speed worm (Junebug red) I am also throwing a fluke on the same hook just weightless ( watermelon magic). I am catching a few fish on a frog in the grass next to the creeks. I like throwing (black or white) ribbits. If you want you can catch these shallow fish all day or you can head out deep and wack them.

A lot of these fish are schooling out deep for me the last two weeks and I am finding these fish out in about 25 foot off points. I am using a white weightless fluke on the fish that are blowing up on shad and what I have been doing to get down to the better fish is get under them with a Storm in a (shad color) or use a big worm on a 3/8 Texas rig. I have also been throwing some C-Rigs( plum)

That’s about all I got right now and hope it helps y’all out. If you are looking to come out and catch some fish I would love to have y’all.

Thanks and I hope y’all are enjoying the great weather we’re having.

Eric Wright 972 757 7947


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