DATES:  24 – 30 October 2016

What a beautiful week to fish Lake Fork.  With the weather in the 80’s all week, the water temperatures stayed in the mid to upper 70’s.  The water clarity is great and the Bass are biting.  During this week a lot of really good fish were being caught along with a ton of really small ones.  The wacky riged Zoom chartreuse/pumpkin trick worm still was the best producing bait this week.  It even produced some really good fish such as my nice 9.2 pound Bass I caught on Tuesday morning.  If you are fishing south of the 515 bridge you might want to change to the California 420 color on your trick worm.  One pattern that really worked well was a orginal chatter bait with a Smash Tech swim bait used as a trailer.  We took the skirt off the chatter bait and just used the swim bait.  It is noted if you are fishing more than 5 foot deep you are fishing to deep!  Our equipment list for the week still remained, Duckett rods, ABU Garcia Orra SX 2 reals, Stren “orginal “ line and Zoom trick worms.

The White Bass are in the northern Creeks of the lake chasing shad.  They can be caught on small Strike King Gizzard Shad 1.5 Square Bill crankbaits.  If you are Crappie fishing in the northern creeks you will pick up a few on minnows.

The Crappie fishing remains good all over the lake.  The better Crappies are coming in 11 to 15 foot over brush piles.  Mylar with orange tails 1/16 ounce Crappie jigs worked really well.  When the bite slows down, tip the crappie jig with a minnow.  Works every time!  Have fun!!

The Catfish fishermen continue have good success in 12 foot of water using punch pait.  They are being caught around baited trees.  A few Catfish are showing up on brush piles in front of docks in 6 to 8 foot of water.  

While you are at Lake Fork, make sure you stop into Lake Fork Marina and check out all the new tackle such as the new Strike King Chatter Baits and the Smash tech swim baits.  They also have a good selection of Duckett Rods and ABU Garcia Reels.

Fall fishing is in full swing.  Here at J & M Guide Service we have several dates open for guided trips for Bass, Crappie and White Bass fishing.  Give us a call at: (903) 413-6919 or E-mail us at bassmr@geusnet.comn .  Have a great fishing week and keep a tight line. ☺




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