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Lake Fork Sunset

October 28, 2016

Stole this one from Lake Fork Guide, Eric Wright



Eric Wright – Lake Fork Report

September 21, 2016

Here is Eric’s latest report.

The last two weeks this cooler weather has the water temp starting to drop down in the lower 80’s and the fish have started to move so I’ve had to change it up some. The fish have been biting very good for us, we’re not getting a lot of really big fish, but have caught some good one’s and a lot of solid under fish. I think on Sunday we might have had 40+. So, the numbers are really good right now.

I have been catching these fish shallow and deep. The fish I am on shallow are way in the backs of the creeks in 1’ – 2’ deep. I am using a Texas Rig with 1/8 oz weight and a #3 rigging hook. The best bait on that for me has been an Ultravibe speed worm (Junebug red) I am also throwing a fluke on the same hook just weightless ( watermelon magic). I am catching a few fish on a frog in the grass next to the creeks. I like throwing (black or white) ribbits. If you want you can catch these shallow fish all day or you can head out deep and wack them.

A lot of these fish are schooling out deep for me the last two weeks and I am finding these fish out in about 25 foot off points. I am using a white weightless fluke on the fish that are blowing up on shad and what I have been doing to get down to the better fish is get under them with a Storm in a (shad color) or use a big worm on a 3/8 Texas rig. I have also been throwing some C-Rigs( plum)

That’s about all I got right now and hope it helps y’all out. If you are looking to come out and catch some fish I would love to have y’all.

Thanks and I hope y’all are enjoying the great weather we’re having.

Eric Wright 972 757 7947

A Couple of Monsters on Lake Fork!

July 3, 2016

I’ve been seeing a lot of large fish caught on Lake Fork the past few weeks. These two caught on the 23rd are absolute monsters!

Lake Fork Guide Eric Wright caught this monster 10.33 on June 23rd and had her certified at Lake Fork Marina.



On the same day, Lake Fork Guide Cody Malone posted a picture of his buddy Matt with a 10.95 certified at Oakridge


Eric Wright Lake Fork Report 3/17/16

March 17, 2016

For the last week or so I have been sight fishing 90% of the time  and we are catching about 15-25 a day. I am starting to see some bigger fish come up on beds this week.

The water temps are starting out around 60-61 degrees and warming up to 68 where I have been fishing. I am spending a lot of time around mid-lake but these fish are locking on beds everywhere right now. If I was coming out to Lake Fork all I would be doing is sight fishing. The water is stained but you are still able to find the fish.

My two main baits are a texas rigged #7 hook with a 1/4 oz weight any craw type bait(Okeechobee Craw) for bed fish and when I am searching I am throwing a weightless fluke (watermelon colors with dipped tail) or a frog.

I have several dates open at the end of April but as we get closer I will probably get those booked. If you are looking to come out and experience some incredible sight fishing please give me a call and I would love to have y’all out.

I am also starting to book up May and June so if you are looking to come out and throw some swimbaits, c-rigs and drop shots out in deeper water for some giants, book your trips soon! My full day prices will be going up to 400$, but if you get your trips booked before May 1st I will honor my current price 350$ for the day you come out to fish.

Eric Wright 972 757 7947                                                                                                                      



Quick Fork Report 3-1-2016

March 1, 2016

These fish are about to be locked on beds VERY quickly.  The water temps are starting out around 54-55 in the morning and getting up to 60-61 later in the afternoon. As of this post the lake level is 403.25 –  If you love sight fishing now is a great time to get your trips planned.

My better fish have been caught in 1-5 foot of water in the backs of the creeks next to spawning flats. I have mainly been fishing a 3/8oz  Chatterbait  (White) with a Skinny Dipper (White) for a trailer. As it warms up I am also throwing a weightless fluke on a #3 rigging hook in (watermelon magic or watermelon candy) with a dipped chartreuse tail.

If any of y’all are looking to book a trip on Lake Fork, I would love the opportunity to show what this great lake has to offer.

Lake Fork Guide Eric Wright 972 757 7947



Lake Fork Guide, Eric Wright

March 19, 2014

Wind was blowing hard yesterday ( 3/18/14) on Lake Fork but we still managed to whack ‘em on a wacky rig. We had a solid 20+ fish day.

The pattern I wrote about Here is still producing.

Here’s a tip for those of you who have been struggling. If you’re not going to the very, very backs of the creeks you may not be going far enough back. When we had those few days of warm weather the bait fish moved back as far as they could go and the fish followed. So go all the way to the backs of the creeks until you can’t go no more.

If you’re coming to the lake this weekend these tips will help.

Here are a few of the pictures from yesterday.




For more information and pictures please visit


Guide Rates: Spring 2014

$350 Full Day ( 1 – 2 people)
$225 Half Day (1 – 2 people) 
$50 Third Person
$100 Trail Boat

$325 Students Full Day

To Book a trip give us a call

Eric Wright, Lake Fork Guide 972 -757-7947

Lake Fork Guide Eric Wright 2-21-14

February 21, 2014


It is definitely starting to pick up here on Lake Fork. In the last 3 days the water temperature has climbed almost 15 degrees in the backs of the creeks from 47 to 61 in the afternoon. The main lake is about 55 degrees.

I am catching my bigger fish on moving baits such as crawfish pattern rattle traps or a white chatter bait while in clear water and switching to a black bait in stained water. I am fishing in 4 to 6 ft on grass flats next to creeks that lead to good spawning spots.

The unders I am catching are in the backs of the creeks 2 to 3 ft fishing wacky worms (Tomato/Watermelon) and drop shots with a 10-inch leader, a number 1 hook and 1/8 oz weight. That’s about all I can get them to bite right now.

I still have a few dates in early March available for full – half day. I can also work evenings if people are interested. The best way to reach me is to give me a call 972 757 7947 /

Eric Wright, Lake Fork Report 5-8-13

May 10, 2013

Taken from


Fishing was killer today! 

I wanted to give a brief breakdown how I plan to fish this upcoming weekend (5-10/5-11) on Lake Fork and provide links to some of the tackle/equipment I’ll be using. Hopefully this helps some of you. Good news is the fish are still moving up on beds, top water bite is picking up and the weather is warming.

Here are a few fish we caught today 5-8-13



Water temp this morning was 67, while in the later part of the day I was finding temps reaching 76.  Winds started out calm early in the morning, then became breezy later in the afternoon. Water clarity seems to be getting better and has cleared up a lot after the bad winds we had last week. This weekend you’ll want to keep an eye out on the forecast  as we could have some weather moving in.


I’m seeing a lot of fish in mid-lake areas, back in the creeks up shallow.  Not to say you won’t find fish in other areas, but this is where I’m spending most of my time.

In the early morning try a Yellow Magic (Bone) . Hopefully the cloud cover this weekend will provide some opportunity to catch a few up on top.

If the clouds start clearing and/or the action slows down, change it up. For sight fishing I’ve been T-Rigging a  Okeechobee Craw with a #3 Owner Rig-N-Hook and a 1/8 oz weight.

You’ll also want to rig up a weightless Zoom Super Fluke (Watermelon Mardi Gras) and fish it in 1′-3′ water back in the creeks.

Zoom Super Fluke (Watermelon Mardi Gras)

If you want to move out a little deeper with a drop shot, I suggest a Zoom finesse- worm with a #1 Owner Rig-N-Hook and a 1/4 oz weight. I use 10-lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon with a 12-14” leader.


Upcoming May Tournament Schedule for Lake Fork.


More Resources:



If you’re planning a trip to Lake Fork this weekend, I hope the above information helps you catch a monster. As always, whether you’re looking to gain knowledge before a tournament or just want to come out and enjoy some good fishing, I’d appreciate the opportunity to help and share my knowledge with you. The best way to see what dates I have available is to give me a call @ 972 – 757 – 7947.

Good fishing,


Eric Wright  –  Phone: 972 -757 -7947 – Email:

Eric Wright 3-28-13

March 29, 2013

With the Ram Mega Bass tournament right around the corner, and the opportunity to win a Dodge truck every hour, it’s time to get excited because the spring fishing here on Lake Fork has been great, especially for bigger fish.  Last week we had some high winds and the temps dropped again. However, it seems to be warming and  my advice is to just hold the course, keep it simple and put the time on the water because fish are cruising the shallows, sitting off secondary points and hunkered down on beds. A few baits you’ll want in your boat for this tournament are a watermelon gold fluke, sun perch jig and tomato color finesse worm.  Spring is here and Lake Fork is producing some monster fish.

Here’s a nice one with a client!

client fish

Earlier  last week I fished the Bass-N-Buck$ and caught one over the slot weighing 8.87, as well as two heavier fish that went in the slot.  All my big fish have been coming on a finesse worm using a drop shot 4′ – 8′ of water. You’ll want to focus on secondary points back in the creeks. When not fishing those areas, you should be further back in the creeks sight fishing  1′ – 2′  of water while looking for fish planted in the dirt.

My over @ Bass-N-BuckS


Remember the Ram Mega Bass is being held out of Lake Fork Marina, April 7th, 2013.  A good source of material regarding the fishing conditions/reports can be found at Lake Fork Marina Fishing Report.

Water Temps as of 3-28-13:  56-60

Whether you’re looking to gain knowledge before a tournament or just want to come out and enjoy some good fishing this spring, I’d appreciate the opportunity to help and share my knowledge.  The best way to see what dates I have available is to just give me a call @ 972 – 757 – 7947

Good luck this spring!

Eric Wright,  Lake Fork Guide.

An Hour With Eric Wright

March 27, 2012

Here is a snippet from a post I wrote up on Eric’s site. If you’re fishing the RAM MEGA BASS event you may want to read it.

An Hour With Eric Wright

If you’re coming to Lake Fork this weekend to fish  Ram Mega Bass and want to do well, YOU WILL BE SIGHT FISHING. These fish are on beds, cruising shallow and the water is starting to clear up. The wind has been down the last few days and that has helped as well. As of this post, we stand a good chance of getting some rain before the weekend, possibly Friday, and this might change things. You will want to find the clearest water possible. Two baits you don’t want to be without:

  • ZOOM Finesse Worm (Tomato:) wacky rig
  • Black/Blue Jig – Paca Craw

To read the full post follow the link HERE

Eric Wright (972) 757 – 7947