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Lance Vick Summer Fishing Report July 19th, 2012

July 20, 2012

Nothing like Lake Fork Summer time fishing, ,,,the hotter the better
Why is this ?
During the hot part of the day algae bloom with the sunlight and plankton move about grazing on it,then the shad eat the plankton ,shad moving around mean bass will sitting down at the dinner table waiting for the steak to be served .
How does this help us ,well if know where the dinner tables are on the lake we
can serve up dinner.,
Where are the Dinner tables for schools of bass? Dinner Tables are high spots like,humps,points,roadbeds.
What do highs spots act as dinner tables ? Well as the bottom end of the food chain get active roaming around in the deeper water .Bass set the table
on high spots in the deep water and wait for dinner to come by them . High spots offer bass a ambush point for the shad ,using the top of the high spot
and the trees for cover they wait for the shad to come over, since they are close
to them when they are set up on the structure, they can eat without moving far
from the table .
Since the table is set its time to feed ……..
There are many deep water techniques to serve to hungry bass you can stick
with your favorite,or mix it up, I’m a rig it all up and let them pick out their
steak of the day .
Texas Rig, if I had to pick my favorite this is it
My texas rig is on a Dobyns dx 744 c with 15 lb florocarbon line
a Dominator tunsten weight 1/4 or 3/8 oz with a EWG 3/0 hook
rigged with a Grandebass 8 inch mega tail worm,trophy hunter and red bug
are favorite colors

Football head jig is rigged on a champion 736c heavy action rod
20 pound Florocarbon line 3/4 football head jig or a brush jig
colors are shades of green green pumpkin green flake is favorite
Jigs are tipped with a Grandebass Mega claw falcon craw or green pumpkin
Shaky head rig is rigged on a 734c Dobyns with 15 lb florocarbon with a
3/8 to 1/2 football head shakey head rigged with a straight tail worm
or a Diamond back Rattlesnake in killer green pumpkin

C-rig,is my go to when its windy out ,rigged 15 pound florocarbon on a 764 c
with a 3/4 or 1 oz Dominator tungsten weight a brass ticker, swivel ,3 foot leader 3/0 ewg hook rigged with a Grandebass 4.5 inch rattlesnake
chartreuse /watermelon , Chartreuse pepper ,or Vicks # 20

Crankbaits are also better during windy conditions rigged on a
805 CB Rm with 12 pound mono line ,Favorite crank is SK 6xd in all colors

Spoon rigged on Dobyns 764c with 20 florocarbon Big Joes spoon

These six basic techniques will catch big bass on Lake Fork in the summertime
During the morning work on shallow fish, junk fishing and topwater then as it gets warm find fish with your electronics and use the above techniques until one starts hitting,
There will be off times during the day thats when you’ve got to drink some
water, turn up the tunes, keep a lure in the water and enjoy fishing in this great
country of ours .Fish’em out they are going to feed you just have to be there for them .Good Fishing, Lance


Lance Vick Lake Fork Guide Report 3-10-12

March 10, 2012

Lake Fork is not the same without green water and grass I’m even missing the gator grass right now … Well thats the fun, challenging part of bass fishing Adapting to the current conditions of any lake makes us better fishermen . While I did not get to fish Lake Fork to much last spring due to being on the tourney trail. Last year there was a real pattern that I could run when I was home worked real well caught plenty of fish and big ones ……This year not as easy .But a couple patterns I have found I would like to share with you . First is Texas rigging soft plastics in water 2 to 4 ft deep in the back of spawning pockets . With a heavy action 7 ft rod spooled with twenty pound flourocarbon and a 3/16 Dominator tungsten weight and a 3/0 or 4/0 ewg hook I am using A Grande Bass grande stick or a Beavr Claws in green pumpkin and black and blue fleck. Last year you throw by a stump and there was a fish there this year i have not found that as dependable but have found that throwing in the openings in the stump fields to be working good and the reason why ? The trunks and tops of all the trees are laying in the openings as lay down logs giving the fish a hard place to lay eggs and stage on. The other pattern is a moving bait pattern in water from 2 to 7 foot deep around the creek channel bends in the back one third of the creeks cranking with square bill crankbaits 1.5 s and 2.5 chartreuse colors and some red ones. Any points with a 45 degree angle or a channel swing have been good to . I have been using 15 mono to crank with a 7 foot med heavy cranking stick. With the new run off the backs of the creeks may set back a week so look to main lake pockets and points for more active fish .There are a few fish out deep on points and humps you can catch them with 6 xd crankbaits
and football head jigs Good fishin to everyone
some Lake Fork Eye Candy below
And we did our share of pest control a couple of days You can catch one of these every cast with a 6 xds or a bomber slab white or chartrese colors They are great to eat you can keep 25 a person Go to the 2946 road by rainswood marina and catch all you want remember each sandbass you harvest feeds more largemouth bass and kills 10 of thousands of more sand bass

Lance Vick Lake Fork Report (video link)

June 25, 2010

Lance Vick Lake Fork Report

August Lake Fork Report Guide Lance Vick

August 24, 2009

Carl Jocumsen, Australia’s 2008 Bass Classic Champ and AOY and Josh Batterson the Skeeter Boss in Austrailia give us a Aussy Lake Fork report From their Skeeter trip of a Lifetime to the USA

Check it out here
Lake Fork is about a foot low, Water temps around 85 to 89
Fishing has been OK to good, Numbers have improved this week
12 fish has been the average and 30 fish to be a really good day, catching some nice fish up to around 7 plus pounds but nothing better that lately .
The shallow bite has been ok early on topwater buzz frogs, texas rig worms and weightless flukes,The rest of the day has been a little of everything ,drop shot,shakey head ,carolina rig,football head jig,chatter bait,crankbait and a few dropping fish.
The Fish have shifted to shallower water around grass on points, creek channels in the backs of the creeks.During Sept the water in the Lake changes quite
a bit with the turn over so watch the water color in the area your fishing, brown water could mean it is turning and the fish may be hard to catch .The green water is where we are catching fish,during this time frame of the year its seems whats works today in a area will not work the next day,so it takes
a lot more work to stay up with the fish changing techniques often and locations .With the wind today we caught two six pounds throwing chatter baits down windy grass lines.As sept grows the moving baits like chatterbaits, small crankbaits should start pulling thier weight on winder days .On calm days the top water poppers and fluke type baits, wacky rigs and texas rigs will be my go to lures.
Good fishing to everyone, and please be safe during the Mcdonalds tournament this Sept no tourament is as important our fishing family

Lance Vick Lake Fork Video Report

July 11, 2009


Its Hot and the fishing is Hotter on Lake Fork The Deep bite is still on on Fork while numbers are
down a little overall size has been great with 20 to 25 fish a day the standard.My early moring shallow
bite has been poor, still looking every morning but not finding, as soon as it starts getting hot the bite turns on.Fishing points humps pond creek channels are still the deal .Jigs and Texas rig worms have been best .Catching a few schoolies every day to add to the total .Weighted hook with shad color soft jerkbaits wacking the schoolies. These days are not just coming easy we are putting in time and effort thru some heat to make some killer days.Good fishing to all
Mark with a Jig fish
Mega Tail Rattle Snake
Mega Tail Rattle Snake
T-Rig Diamondback Rattlesnake
Black Angel Jig
Black Angel Jig
Mega Tail Rattlesnake
Jig fish
Mega Tail Rattlesnake
Double Black Angel JIg

Lance Vick Lake Fork Report 6-16-09

June 16, 2009

Lance Vick March 2009 Video Report

March 25, 2009

Lance Vick Lake Fork Video Report Feb 2009

March 4, 2009

Lake Fork Guide Lance Vick video Report 7-25-2008

July 26, 2008

Great report by Lance Vick

Lance Vick Lake Fork Video Report 5-18-2008

May 18, 2008

Grats to Lance and his PAA Victory!