October 21, 2016


FROM:  J & M Guide Service

DATES:  10 – 16 October 2016

It was a very busy week here on Lake Fork.  We were busy getting ready for the Berkley Bass Tournament.  Berkley, Bass Champs and Lake Fork Marina made the tournament a huge success.  The big Bass for over the slot was a nice 10.15 pound Bass with a 2.95 pound Bass taking the honors for the fish under the slot. The weather remained good all weekend and the water temperatures remained constant in the low to middle 70’s.  The top water bite is getting fairly consistent and both the Texas rig and wacky rig worm bite remaining good.  The Berkley blue fleck power worm has been really good this week on the Texas rig and the Zoom watermelon/red Zoom trick worm is still working on the wacky rig.  Now for the zoom watermelon/red trick worm, make sure you dye the tail chartreuse and put a little nail in the head to get the worm down into the Hydrilla.  For our equipment list for the week, we continued to use the Duckett Ghost rods and the ABU Garcia Orra SX reels lined with Stren 17 pound test line.  

The White bass are getting more active as the water temperatures continue to get cooler.  This week we caught them on Joe Spaits chrome with red eyes ½ ounce Flash Tail spoon.  They have moved up in the water column to 18 to 22 foot of water.

The Crappie fishing gets better each week.  Several really good Crappies were taken on jigs and jig/minnow combination.  We found them in 11 to 18 foot of water over brush piles.

The Catfish fishermen had a lot of fun this week. Numerous good Catfish were taken in 22 to 26 foot of water around baited trees.  Punch bait was the bait of choice this week.  

Lake Fork Marina hosted the Berkley Bass Tournament this past weekend.  Ken, Dana and the whole staff did another great job of setting up and supporting the complete tournament.  Great Job folks!  Their newly remolded Tackle Shop is well stocked with all the latest tackle, Duckett rods and ABU Garcia reels.  Stop in and see the entire new product lines they have to offer.

Well finally all the major tournaments are over with for this year and we can get down to some serious Bass fishing.  I have several days open for the rest of the fall and winter for guided Bass, White Bass and Crappie trips.  Give us a call at: (903) 413-6919 or E-mail us at: .  Have a great fishing week and keep a tight line.




September 21, 2016

J & M Guide Service

DATES:  12 – 18 September 2016

It was very warm this week here at Lake Fork.  Due to the warm air temperatures the water temperature also rose back to 88 -89 degrees.  However, with the large amounts of Hydrilla starting to show up in the creeks, the creeks are starting to clear up.  One of my clients asked me, why does the Hydrilla look brown?  Here is the answer to that; the Hydrilla acts as a filtering system in the water.  Take a piece of Hydrilla that looks brown and run your hand down it, you will find out it is green underneath.  The Big Bass Splash is now over.  It took an 11.18 pound Bass to win the top prize in the over the slot category and a 2.59 Bass to win in the under the slot category.  Congratulation to both the anglers!  The pattern did not change much this week.  A Zoom chartreuse/pumpkin trick worm rigged wacky style was the top producer in the Hydrilla and the best water depth was 3 to 4 feet.   The Zoom watermelon/red Mag II worm worked very well in the thick pads.  The Rattle Trap bite did fall off this week due to the warmer water temperatures.  For equipment list this week we continued to use Duckett rods and ABU Garcia reels lined with Stren 17 pound test line.  Zoom worm products was our best producers.

With the water temperatures back in the upper 80’s the White Bass fishing continued to be slow.  When you found them, the Joe Spaits chrome with red eyes and the white with black stripe Flashtail ½ ounce spoon worked really well.  The moved back in to 28 to 32 foot of water.

The Crappie fishing was good this week.  Look for them in 20 foot of water over and around brush piles.   The minnow rig is still the best way to put good Crappies in the boat.

No Catfish report this week due to the Big Bass Splash.

With the Berkley tournament just around the corner, Lake Fork Marina has gotten a very large shipment of Berkley product in.  You might want to check out the Tightline UV products also.  The Tightline products are changing the complete Bass fishing Industry.  

Yes the Berkley and Bass Cat Tournaments are quickly approaching.  We have a few days open for guided bass trips to help get ready for the tournaments.  Give us a call at: (903) 413-6919 or E-mail us at: .  Have a great fishing week!

Eric Wright – Lake Fork Report

September 21, 2016

Here is Eric’s latest report.

The last two weeks this cooler weather has the water temp starting to drop down in the lower 80’s and the fish have started to move so I’ve had to change it up some. The fish have been biting very good for us, we’re not getting a lot of really big fish, but have caught some good one’s and a lot of solid under fish. I think on Sunday we might have had 40+. So, the numbers are really good right now.

I have been catching these fish shallow and deep. The fish I am on shallow are way in the backs of the creeks in 1’ – 2’ deep. I am using a Texas Rig with 1/8 oz weight and a #3 rigging hook. The best bait on that for me has been an Ultravibe speed worm (Junebug red) I am also throwing a fluke on the same hook just weightless ( watermelon magic). I am catching a few fish on a frog in the grass next to the creeks. I like throwing (black or white) ribbits. If you want you can catch these shallow fish all day or you can head out deep and wack them.

A lot of these fish are schooling out deep for me the last two weeks and I am finding these fish out in about 25 foot off points. I am using a white weightless fluke on the fish that are blowing up on shad and what I have been doing to get down to the better fish is get under them with a Storm in a (shad color) or use a big worm on a 3/8 Texas rig. I have also been throwing some C-Rigs( plum)

That’s about all I got right now and hope it helps y’all out. If you are looking to come out and catch some fish I would love to have y’all.

Thanks and I hope y’all are enjoying the great weather we’re having.

Eric Wright 972 757 7947


August 17, 2016


DATES:  1 – 7 August, 2016

It was another hot week here at Lake Fork.   With the air temperatures in the 100+ range this week the water temperatures reached 92 to 95 degrees.  The water clarity continues to improve in the main lake area and even in the back of some creeks.  The evaporation rate continues to take its toll on the lake level with the lake now being down about a foot.  What that means is some of our stump Bass ☺ are starting to show up.  Please be careful where you are running!  The other issue is the dehydration factor.  Guys and gals please drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated which will help you catch more fish here at Lake Fork.  The Bass could still be caught in 16 to 20 foot of water using a Carolina rig or you can move into 3 to 5 foot of water and use a wacky rig.  We continued to use Lake Fork Trophy Lures chartreuse/pepper ring fry on our Carolina rigs.  We also continued using the chartreuse/pumpkin Zoom trick worm rigged wacky style to catch good numbers of fish up to 6.5 pounds.  Don’t forget to put a nail in the head of the wacky worm is get it down into the grass and pads.  Our better fish came after lunch in the heat of the day.  If you can stand the heat the Bass will bite!  Duckett Ghost rods and ABU Garcia Orra SX reels did all the work for us again this week.

The White Bass remain scattered out on main lake points and creek bends.  If you can find a brush pile on a creek bend that will really help you.  24 foot of water is the key factor.  Yes, use a Joe Spaits chrome and chartreuse flutter spoon.

The Crappie fishing was slow again this week.  The 515 bridges are your best bet and use the good ole minnow rig to fill you your plate with.

Now for the Catfish report.  Just continue baiting trees in 28 to 30 foot of water and you will get bit all day and all night, use punch bait.  A few trout line fishermen are having success using cut bait.  

While you are at beautiful Lake Fork, you need to stop in at Lake Fork Marina and check out their newly remodeled tackle store.  New product is coming in every day and you really need to check out the upstairs portion and see the new clothes product lines.

Yes it is hot!  But we are booking Bass and White Bass guide trips all throughout this month.  Don’t  forget that the Big Bass Splash is coming up, so if you need help getting ready for it give us a call at: (903) 413-6919 or E-mail us at:  Keep a tight line and have a safe fishing week.

J & M Guide Service Weekly Fishing Report

July 6, 2016

DATES:  28 June – 3 July 2016

Summer is here in full swing.  The water temperatures are in the upper 80’s to the lower 90’s.  The water clarity in most parts of the lake is stained to heavily stained.   The Bass are feeding in the early morning hours in 3 to 5 feet of water and then about 0800 they are moving into 12 to 20 feet of water.  The top water action has been limited in the early mornings but it has been offset by the wacky worm bite.  Look for isolated clumps of grass and throw past the clumps then work the wacky worm right into the grass. We found that the Zoom chartreuse/pepper trick worm rigged wacky style worked the best.   After 0800 move out into deeper water and use a Carolina rig.   This week I found that 12 to 14 foot of water was the best water depth, though the 20 foot level still produced a few fish.   One thing we did do a little different on our Carolina rig was change from a Zoom Baby Brush Hog to a Lake Fork Trophy Lures chartreuse/pepper Hyper Stick.  Great bait!!!  We continued to use Duckett rods and ABU Garcia Orra SX reels lined with Stren Original 17 pound test line.

The White Bass have moved into deeper water (24 to 28 foot).   We used Joe Spaits Flashtail silver with red eyes jigging spoon; it seemed to work the best.  I did notice that the bite is very light.  So expect to miss a few.  By the way, once in a while you will get a very large surprise—a largemouth Bass.  They out with the White Bass feed on the small White Bass.

The Crappie this week were a different story.  For some reason they were scattered out all over the lake.   We had to hunt for them, even under the bridges.  Minnows were the best bet to catch them.   There have been some complaints of the Crappie minnows dying quickly after they hit the 90 degree water.  Here is what is happening.  When you buy your minnows they are kept in tanks that have controlled water temperatures of 68 to 75 degrees.  When they hit the 90 degree lake water temperatures it stresses them to the max and they don’t last as long as you might like.  Keep aerators on in you minnow buckets and that will help a little.

The Catfish fishermen continued to have a good week.  They were catching them around baited trees in 26 foot of water.  The bait of choice was punch bait.

Lake Fork Marina has a good selectin of Zoom Trick Worms and minnows for you fishermen.  Don’t for get to pick up plenty of water because as the air temperature goes up so does the dehydration rate.  Stay Hydrated!

Now that I am back from vacation I am taking bookings for July and August for Bass, White Bass and Crappie trips.   Give us a call at: (903) 413-6919 or E-mail us at:  Have a great fishing week and stay haydrated.

Lake Fork Guide James Caldemeyer

July 3, 2016

I’m posting this one a little late but it has some great information. Lake Fork Guide James Caldemeyer  posted this report on June 9th –

james caldemeyer


June has arrived… And it’s my absolute favorite month of the year for trophy bass fishing on Lake Fork! The weather is warming and early summer patterns are starting to take shape. The kids are out of school and you have the opportunity to spend some quality time with them out on the lake. You can catch fish just about any way you want to right now which gives many anglers the opportunity to catch fish using their favorite baits. Whether its shallow water top waters, or deep structure Carolina rigs, to anything in between, you’ll have a blast catching big bass on Lake Fork right now.

The water levels are in great shape right now with the lake receiving a fairly heavy amount of rainfall so far this year. We are currently at 402.76, which is just barely below full pool.  Water temperatures are ranging from 75-80 degrees. The water clarity is clear to about 3 feet on the south end with stained areas in the backs of some of the creeks and on the north end. There is a lot of new vegetation growing all over the lake with the high water levels and this has provided us with another very successful spring spawn.

The top water action has been great lately and what a way to start the day off with some big bass surface explosions. Yellow magic’s or zara spooks in shad colors have been best in 2-6 feet depths. The frog bite has also been fierce! With all the freshly flooded grass and new vegetation growing the bass are way up in it. Hollow frogs and Ribbits fished in lily pads, hydrilla, and flooded grass in the pockets and creeks has been very productive. I like to use natural colors like greens, blacks, and chartreuse or a combination of these colors. Having the right equipment with a frog is crucial in landing these bass from heavy cover. I am using the New Abu Garcia Rocket with 50 lb. Trilene Braid on an Abu Garcia Villain 7’ 3’” med heavy rod. The gear ratio on the Rocket is 9:1 and will bring em out of the heavy stuff quick. Square bill crank baits like the Berkley Pitbull have also been great in the same areas if the fish are reluctant to hit the top but they are chasing shad in the area.

I have also been finding a large number of big fish in mid depths this year. The bass have been feeding early and late on shad around 12-16 feet of water. My go to bait for these bass have been a 10” Texas rigged worm in blue fleck, tequila sunrise, and plum or watermelon candy. There’s nothing like the scent of a Powerbait worm to attract the bite of a monster bass. I am using a 3/8 oz. Elite Tungsten weight and a 5/0 hook for these worms and fishing it slowly around the trees on points, humps, road beds, and creek bends. You can also catch some fish in the same areas on deep diving crank bait like a DD 22. Any shad pattern will work fine. I prefer a little bit of chartreuse color on the bait.

Most of the best action will be out deep this month and into the summer. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big deep structure fisherman and what better time of year to have a blast catching numbers of big ole bass than on Lake Fork in June. On a lot of days that the sun comes up right away and it gets hot I will start my days out in deep water. Your electronics are a vital component to locating active fish in deep water. I really like my new Garmin units for showing me accurate information about the areas that I am fishing. If you haven’t seen their new freshwater fishing electronics line up, you’ll want to check them out. These units are very fast and precise. They really add a new dimension to fishing and reveal some amazing images that have helped me start catching more fish.

These deep bass will be in 16-24 feet of water usually holding around points, roadbeds, humps, and ridges. The fish can be hard to locate and are often times moving around a lot but if you stick with it, it can really pay off. I rely on my Garmin GPS Map units to show me where the bass are. Once I determine where they are and what they are relating to I will select a presentation that best suits the situation. A lot of these post spawn bass will be suspended so deep diving crank baits are a great choice. I also like to throw a deep swim bait at them like the Berkley Swim Shad. This bait can be worked at any depth in the water column so you can reach the bass wherever they are. When the fish get on the bottom I will target them with a big Texas rig and a 1/2 oz. weight with a 5/0 hook. I like to put a Berkley 10” or 12” Powerworm on and give them a big meal offering. Most of these bass are very hungry so a big bait is appealing to them. I also like to employ the Carolina rig into the arsenal of post spawn techniques. I like to use a long leader (5ft.) and a big heavy 1 oz. weight to drag the bottom. Trilene 20 lb. test Fluorocarbon is a must with a 2/0 or 3/0 wide gap hook. Best baits on the c-rig are Berkley Powerbait 7” or 10” Power Worms, Power Lizards, Havoc Backslides, and Boss Dogs in blue fleck, watermelon red, chartreuse pepper, green pumpkin, and watermelon candy. You can also catch a lot of these hungry post spawn bass on a football head jig. Santone Lures makes one of the best football head jigs on the market and I catch a lot of bass on it this time of year. I usually opt for the 5/8 or 3/4oz model and the best colors are PB&J, Bass Candy, Mexican Heather and my signature “JC’s Spicy Craw”. I’m rigging these with a matching trailer in a Berkley Havoc Deuce or Pit Chunk and dragging them around out in the same areas that I am the Carolina rig.

I hope this report helps you on your next trip here to the lake. I want to wish all the Dads out there a Happy Father’s Day! If you are headed to Lake Fork in pursuit of a trophy bass and are looking to book a guide, I would enjoy the opportunity to take you or your group fishing and show you a great time on Lake Fork. I still have some summer dates available and am already taking fall reservations, which is an excellent time for fishing on Lake Fork as well. I also have gift certificates available for those of you that are interested in purchasing a friend or loved one a guided trip on Lake Fork. You can contact me to make your reservation at 903-736-9888 or send me an email at You can also visit my website for more information about Lake Fork and my guide service at You can find me on Facebook and follow my official Lake Fork Guide page at

Good luck to all the tournament anglers headed to the lake this month! Also, while you are here, be sure to stop by Diamond Sports Marine located on highway 154 just north of the bridge. They have all the new 2016 Ranger Boats in stock. You will not want to miss the opportunity to check out the new Z series bass boats as well as the all-new Ranger aluminum series. These boats have some amazing features are definitely eye catchers! Give Fred a call at 903-383-7829 to set up your personal demo ride in a Ranger Boat.

I would like to thank all of my current 2016 sponsors for supporting my FLW Series tournament fishing and my guide service on Lake Fork: Toyota, Carhartt, Ranger Boats, Mercury Outboards, I Am Second, Leer, Garmin, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Santone Lures, Costa Sunglasses, Power Pole, Rigid Industries, Road Armor, Fabtech Motorsports and Elite Tungsten.

1 John 5:12- He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.

Tight Lines & God Bless,

James Caldemeyer

A Couple of Monsters on Lake Fork!

July 3, 2016

I’ve been seeing a lot of large fish caught on Lake Fork the past few weeks. These two caught on the 23rd are absolute monsters!

Lake Fork Guide Eric Wright caught this monster 10.33 on June 23rd and had her certified at Lake Fork Marina.



On the same day, Lake Fork Guide Cody Malone posted a picture of his buddy Matt with a 10.95 certified at Oakridge



June 20, 2016

FROM:  J & M Guide Service

DATES:  12 – 19 June 2016

It was good to be back at Lake Fork this week.  I have been down in Longview, TX, doing the summer boat show with Nichols Marine.  The lake is at full pool and the water is stained over most of the lake.   The water temperatures are 85 to 86 in most parts of the lake.  The Bass fishing has been fair due to the damn having two to three gates open.  You might ask why I bring this up, well these are Florida strain Bass and they “do not” like the current that is caused by the gates of the damn being open.  They are supposed to close them in the morning.  Several patterns worked this week, to include Carolina rigging, small crankbaits, jigging spoons and wacky worms.  The bait that we used on our Carolina rigs was our ole standby, watermelon/red Zoom Baby Brush Hog with chartreuse dyed tails.  We used Strike King 1.5 crankbaits early in the mornings.  Gizzard shad pattern worked the best!  Two patterns worked in the afternoon, spoons and wacky worms.  We moved in and fished the grass in the early afternoons with a chartreuse/pepper Zoom trick worm rigged wacky style.  You had to really work it slow!  The most productive pattern was by using Joe Spaits ½ ounce white with a black stripe Flashtail jigging spoon in 12 to 19 foot of water over brush piles.  Hang on! ☺   Tools for success this week continued to be Duckett Ghost rods and ABU Garcia Orra SX reels spooled with Original Stren 17 pound test line.  A deadly combination!

The White Bass were eating anything silver in the water.  We were very successful by using Joe Spaits Chrome with red eyes ½ ounce Flashtail jigging spoon in 20 to 24 foot of water on top of brush piles.   Take the kids out, they will have a ball.

The Crappie are finally showing up at the bridges in good numbers and size.  We used chartreuse/pink 1/8 ounce Crappie jigs and down sized our lines to 4 pound test.  However, with that being said, our best Crappie came off of brush piles in 19 to 22 foot of water.

You Catfish fishing folks are missing it if you are not at Lake Fork right now.  Good numbers and sizes are being caught both at night and during the day.  Punch bait still is the bait of choice around baited trees in 26 to 28 foot of water.  Have fun!

Now that outside air temperatures are reaching the upper 90’s every day you must be aware of dehydration.  Please drink plenty of water throughout the day.  If you forget your water or just simply need water and ice make sure you stop into Lake Fork Marina tackle shop and pick up it up.  While you are in the Lake Fork tackle shop make sure you check out the good selection to the Duckett rods.

I am on vacation the 20 through the 28 of June but we will be taking bookings for Bass, Crappie and White Bass trips for July.  Give us a call at (903) 413-6919 or E-mail us at: .  Have a great fishing week and fish slowly and keep a tight line.  


May 24, 2016

 J & M Guide Service

This week was a good week of fishing here at Lake Fork.  The water temperatures were in the upper 70’s to the low 80’s.  The water clarity continues to get better every day.  The Bass fishing was just fare this week.  The wacky rig and the Carolina rig were the most constant fish producers!  On the wacky rig we used the watermelon/red Zoom Trick worm and dyed the tail chartreuse.  On the Carolina rig we used the watermelon/red Zoom Baby Brush Hog with the tails dyed chartreuse.  The wind precluded us from doing much deep water fishing.  When we were able to move out on the points, the Carolina rig worked the best.  Our rod and reel combination this week continues to be Duckett rods and ABU Garcia Orra SX reels with Stren 17 pound test line.

The White Bass continued to be attacking Joe Spaits ½ ounce chrome Flashtail spoon.  There are on just about on every hump from 19 to 25 foot of water.  Take the kids out and let them have fun catching them.

The Crappie fishing this week was fare this.  The better Crappie were taken on straight minnow rigs in 14 to 16 foot of water.  A few good Crappies were taken under the bridges when the wind would let you stay out in the deep water.

The Catfish fishing was on fire this week again.  Numerous good Catfish were being taken in 24 to 26 foot of water on punch bait.  The key continues to be baited trees.

The Lake Fork Marina tackle shop has a great selection of Duckett rod and ABU Garcia reels.  While in the Lake Fork Marina tackle shop make sure you check out the Strike King 1.5, 6XD and 10XD crankbaits.  

The Skeeter Tournament is just around the corner.  Here at J & M Guide Service we have a few open days for guided Bass fishing trips to help you get ready for the tournament.  Give us a call at (903) 413-6919 or E-mail us at: .  Have a great fishing week and keep a tight line!


May 10, 2016


J & M Guide Service

Dates:  2 – 8 May 2016

Another great week on Lake Fork!  The water temperatures made to the upper 70’s and the water clarity is starting to improve.  Three different patterns were good this week.  The crankbait pattern continued to be the best with the Carolina rig and split shot rig a close second and third.  The Strike King Bait Company led the charge this week with the 1.5 Square Bill, 6XD and the 10XD crankbaits.  The gizzard shad was the best color in the 1.5, with the 1.5 black back/chartreuse being a close second and the powder blue back/chartreuse was the color of choice in the 6XD and 10XD. Main lake points are your best bet early in the morning with the 6XD and 10XD baits.   On the split shot and Carolina rig side of the house I used the chartreuse/pepper Lake Fork Trophy Lures Hyper Stick.  On the days that the crankbait slows down, go to the Carolina rig right away.  Fish it slow and use a sweeping retrieve.  Our rod and reel combinations this week continued to be Duckett rods and ABU Garcia Orra SX reels lined with Stren 17 pound test line.

The White Bass fishing also continued to improve this week.  We used Joe Spaits ½ ounce chrome Flashtail Spoon to put numerous White Bass in the boat.  The kids will have a ball catching them.  We found the best water depth was 19 to 20  foot over humps and brush piles.

The Crappie fishing was very slow this week.  We did manage to find a few over brush piles with silver and orange Crappie jigs and tipped it with a minnow.  There are reports that the Crappies are starting to show up back at the 515 bridges.

The Catfish fishing continued to be great this week.  A lot of two to five pound Catfish are being caught on rod and reel using punch bait.  Again, baited trees are producing great in 30 foot of water.

Lake Fork Marina has a large selection of Strike King crankbaits and Duckett Rods.  For the Crappie fishermen the they always have great minnows to catch those  giant Lake Fork Crappies with.  Warning:  make sure you keep your receipt for the live bait, it is a state law!

The post spawn Bass bite is on!  We have a few days in open for guided fishing trips this month.  Give us a call at: (903) 413-6919 or E-mail us at: .  Have a great fishing week.  “Take a child fishing this week”.