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Lake Fork Super Moon 2012 Night time is the right time!

May 7, 2012










Saturday May 5th was a night I will not forget.  I wasn’t fishing, but coworkers and I ended up weighing 4 overs throughout the night.  Zach Hughes brought in a 9lber from Saturday morning and I weighed another 9lber for a customer that night.  We also had a 10lber and an 11.08 weighed.  2 of the fish came on blue fleck power worms.

With the heat here, night fishing is the way to go…beat the crowds and the heat.


Lake Fork Water Level

February 17, 2012

Lake Fork is 5.85 foot low.  Rain is in the forecast tonight…cross your fingers!

Fork needs bass fisherman….

January 20, 2010

Water temps are slowly creeping up, 41.4-44.8 was the range of last week…fishing was terrible…

I have had several people ask me why there have been no sharelunkers from Fork so far this year, aside from the 15.70 caught thanksgiving day (released) big fish (12lb+) have been very sparse. Most guides and locals are running to welsh and monticello for the powerplant action and the remaining fisherman on Fork are crappie guys or people prefishing for the Lake Fork “Dinkmaster” style tournaments.

Normally the trap bite turns on at 50 degrees and stays productive well into early March. I’m a little lost on what to do with the water hyacinth being so thick in 2 of the areas I frequent this time of year…If you can please attend the TPW meeting Feb 4th, 2010 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Land’s End Fire Department.

More info:


Lake Fork Rain report

July 28, 2009

Yesterday we had 1.5″ at the marina total….woke up this morning and we had an additional 5.5″ of rain.  Flood gates are CLOSED as of 11am and did not appear to have been opened.  Lots of run off…lake is very muddy.

Talked to a couple of guys that have houses in little caney that only got 3″ of rain last night…regardless we got hammered.

Massive 49lb Buffalo

May 6, 2009

I know most everyone that reads my blog is a dedicated bass fisherman, but every once in a while we run into another species that just make my jaw drop.

Todd Anderson nabbed this 49lb Buffalo, second largest I have ever seen in person.

My new personal best on Lake Fork 12.14

January 14, 2009



Thought I might have had a sharelunker last night, but I was still over 3/4 of a pound short of the 13lb mark.   But beat my old personal best by just under a pound. 

Caught her around 10:15pm in the cold.  My friend and I were throwing 5/8oz yo-zuri rattl’n’vibe traps in red craw.  She slapped it on the first few cranks and didn’t put up much of a struggle, I have had more excitement from 4lb fish to be honest.  Pretty neat, we didn’t have a net and didn’t need one…I was really in shock at first because I was kind of thinking I had a catfish.  It was hard to estimate her size, but I knew she was a good one…put her on a check-it stick to make sure and she hung off the end (25″)

My friends boat has a livewell that doesn’t work out of water so we motored in the dark back to the marina to weigh her.   A good while later (no spot light) we arrived and figured out that both of our video cameras and digital camera were in the truck back at the place we trailered to. (Shall remaind nameless)   Luckily we had a laptop at the marina and we got a few nice photos and a short video off the built in webcam.

Thanks to John Tanner and James Caldemeyer for turning me on to this sick trap bite.  (Both are on some toads!)

Oh and also, thank you to all my MANY sponsors: Mom, my stepdad ken, my girlfriend Pamela, my granny and papa…oh and to the IAB for supporting me during the tough times as an “internet angler” on the Texas Fishing Forum.   hahaha


Lake Fork Monster Pet Bass Chowing Down

December 22, 2008

Best part of having a huge aquarium….

Obviously this fish doesn’t know the water temp on Lake Fork is in the low 50’s.

Lake Fork Report 12-13-2008

December 13, 2008

Short report-

Fishing is a bit on the slow side.  The afternoon bite starts about 2pm and ends at dusk-  Don’t waste your time deep, find grass on a windy bank (doesn’t have to be hydrilla, coontail and milfoil do the trick) and cover a lot of water.  5/8oz Yo-Zuri traps have been producing well for me, no monster fish yet but nothing under 3lbs.  My numbers have been averaging about 5 per trip in the afternoon with fish up to 7lbs.
What is making this tough is the wind, we haven’t really had a break from very high winds in the afternoon lately so I have only been going out a couple of afternoons a week.
Catfish are insane right now.  Some customers bank fishing are catching limits on night crawlers, most in the 2.5lb range but they did weigh a 13lb channel cat.

Crappie- Slow, the normal 515 bridge and mainlake points at the dam have been out of the question with high winds.

Lake Fork Guide List

December 1, 2008

If you are planning on a trip for March/April I would recommend you get it done before the first of the year.  Here is the most comprehensive list of active guides I can come up with.  Feel free to comment if you can think of any I left out.

Larry Barnes 903-765-3858
James Brumfield 903-765-2548
Marcel Bryson 903-765-3629
Craig Cain 972-977-5865
James Caldemeyer 903-736-9888
Dennis Canada 903-473-8739
Rick Carter 903-765-3474
Shane Casey 972-365-7642
Joe Chancy 972-951-0818
Tony Clark 903-473-3956
Rick Collis 903-473-2047
Brian Duplechain 903-765-3131
Tom Evans 903-383-3059
Jimmy Everett 903-765-3980
Stephen Fatherree 214-215-9854
Skeeter Fowler 903-292-9659
Johnny Glass 903-765-2731
Charlie Hodges 903-474-1203
Jeff Gun 903-765-2155
Jason Hoffman 903-456-3691
Randy Hutto 903-975-0037
Hollice Joiner 903-342-5359
Kenneth Jones 903-850-5555 -Catfish
Jeff Kirkwood 800-965-0350
Lee Knight 903-765-2548
Larry Large 903-765-2548
Larry Lovell 903-473-1555
Rick Loomis 903-383-3050
Richard McCarty 903-383-2864
Marc Mitchell 903-438-0266
Mike Moody 903-839-1511
Terri Moon 903-383-7773 -Crappie
John Morris 903-454-6910
Mike Moser 903-243-1416
Randy Oldfield 903-962-3056
Gary Paris 903-763-2801
J.W. Peterson 214-236-3320
Chuck Pratt 903-882-9038
Jim Purdy 972-495-6073
Jim Reaneau 903-383-3320
Tom Redington 214-683-9572
Brooks Rogers 903-780-0680
Micheal Rogge 903-850-8855
Sherry Ruslink 903-383-7310
A R Sachtleben 903-765-3619
Dough Shampine 903-474-0508
Dennis Sheley 903-629-3826
Dan Silcox 903-765-3611
Gene Snider 903-383-7668 cell 903-638-1215
Dennis States 903-473-2039
Barbara Stevenson 903-765-3120
Mark Stevenson 903-765-3120
Dean Stroman 903-383-7214
John Tanner 903-763-0338
David Vance 903-629-7699
Ricky Vandergriff 903-530-2201
Ray Vereen 903-473-9528
Lance Vick 903-312-0609
Tim Walker 903-765-3613
Bill Welborn 903-768-2251
Lee White 903-383-2725
Richie White 903-439-2266
Mark Woodruff 903-765-9033
Clint Wright 903-342-3497

Lake Fork Report 11-24-2008

November 24, 2008

Fishing is really tough right now, had a 7.20 an a 3lber Saturday and blanked Sunday.  I did not hear of any exceptional reports.  Finding deep fish but no bites-

No trap bites to speak of, only 2 fish I caught were in a 20 minute window on a main lake point in 12 foot on half oz spinnerbait in white/chart

Good luck