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Crappie Masters tournament results

March 9, 2013

Crappie Masters weigh in, Big Crappie 2.70, 7 fish limit, 15.41. AVERAGE WEIGHT 2.20. Those are some huge slabs….


Terri Moon Crappie Report February 2010 LAKE FORK

February 7, 2010

You can contact Terri Moon at 903-383-7773 or

Well February to me seems to be one of those months where it IS or ISN’T gonna happen. I must say this past week has been more ISN’T than IS! But, the variables playing a part in this have been the wind and also the release of water causing a current. For some reason these Lake Fork crappie just shut off when there is current present. But when the current stops, the crappie will resume feeding. So, don’t give up- get out there and try it again.

The last cold front we had sent the crappie even deeper in 35 to 45 ft with water temperature down to 44 degrees. There have been a few days of sunshine and nice weather that brought the water temperature up to 49 degrees; but, ya, you guessed it- another cold snap! But, that’s typical of February weather. The good thing about down here, the cold doesn’t last long! So keep an eye on the water temperatures. It doesn’t take many warm days to get the water to start to warm up. I look forward to temperatures reaching the low to mid 50’s range. That’s when the fishing can get exciting! This transition can take place as early as the middle of February.

But, in the mean time, the fish we are catching are coming off a rig similar to “drop-shot” rigging. I’m tying 1/4oz. bell sinker on the bottom then a foot up the line from that I’m tying a 1/8oz. Bob Young jig in cinnamon w/ shartreuse tail then another foot up from this I’m tying a 1/16th oz jig head and attaching a AWD triple tail shad in black w/ gold glitter w/ chartreuse tail. The heavier bell sinker makes it easier to tell when you’re on the bottom. Now here’s a HOT TIP, Do NOT over work your baits by bouncing them up and down. It’s going to take a slower presentation this time of year. So, SLOW MOTIOn or NO MOTION works best.

Now I know a lot of you are probably suffering from cabin fever about now…especially those of you up north! So, now’s the time to start making your fishing plans because planning early gives you better availablility of the dates that work for you. I highly recommend lodging at Lake Fork Marina, 903-765-2764. This is one of those places that if you forgot something, they probably have it!

Terri Moon

Lake Fork 15.69lb bass caught and released

November 27, 2009


The fish was INELIGIBLE for the sharelunker program due to the fact it was caught on a gamefish accidently while crappie fishing.

It is the largest fish captured on Lake Fork since March 22, 2002. Jim Harrell’s 16.12

Photo courtesy of Lake Fork Fisherman’s Guide News

Crappie fishing

November 11, 2009

Morning was cooler today, wind swapped directions at around 11am this morning. The crappie bite on Fork is still very good. Seems like the bite keeps moving earlier and earlier (of course I can’t get out until 8:30-9am) but slacks during midday. We didn’t have but 10 or so keepers this morning (9:15-11:30) and 5 throw backs…we talked to a few people that got out at daybreak that had a full livewell. Very light bite

Catching them on a mix of 1/16th oz crappie busters and minnows under bridges. You almost have to have reservations after 10am because the traffic gets heavy and the game of leap frog / musical chairs starts. One person moves out, someone takes there pillar and so and down the line.

Going to get away from the bridge and move to the trees tomorrow morning and do some scouting.

Terri Moon Lake Fork Report September 2009

September 5, 2009

It’s September!  Do you know what that means?  FALL is just around the corner!  Now that gets me excited.  Hands down, it has to be my very favorite time of year to fish!  They are already predicting cooler temperatures in the next few weeks.  That’s just a bonus!  In spite of the warmer temperatures in August, the fishing has been quite good.  So, if we have a cooler September, the fishing should be awesome! 

Now as far as the fishing, watch for surface temperatures to start to drop and get ready for the fall frenzy.  The water temperature is the key factor to getting the shad to move out of the deep watyer.  The shad will move up to the flats and secondary points so be sure to watch for schools of shad.

This is why GOOD electronics are so important.  It can make the difference between a poor day of fishing and a GREAT day of fishing.  I still take a few hours a week and just go graphing with my Lowrance LCX-10HD.  This gave me a better idea of what the fish are doing.  Early morning or late evening, the crappie will start showing up in 5 to 15ft. of water.  But as the day heats up try looking a little deeper in the 15 to 25ft range.  Look for structure near creek channels, flats and humps.

The colors that have been working are green w/ blue tail and cinnamon w/ chart.  Now as far as the bream, we’re still finding them in 8 to 12 feet just off the bottom using crickets or worms.  September means its time for the McDonalds Big Bass Splash out of Lake Fork Marina again.  So if you get a chance come by.  It’s a good time to see the latest fishing equipment.  Shimano and Lowrance will be there and it’s always exciting to see what they have come up with!  So, hope to see you there.  Don’t foreget- it’s time to renew your fishing license.

Lake Fork Crappie Report February 2009 Guide Terri Moon

February 3, 2009

This is the time of the year when fishing takes time and patience and preferably NO WIND!  We can bundle up and take the cold…but, this unusually windy winter can be brutal.  Those are the days that give you time to service your equipment.  I’ll clean and respool my Shimano reels.  My favorite fishing lines are Excalibur 8lb test and when I’m using braided line its Power Pro 10lb test that has the same diameter equivalent to a 2lb mono line.  I’ve tried a lot of different lines but, these work the best for me.

It is also a good time to check your life vests for any rips or tears and replace them as needed.  Then something that can get overlooked is your boat trailer.  The fluctuating temperatures can definitely effect the air pressure in your tires.  So, be sure and check those to make sure they are properly inflated.  Also check the wheel bearings and grease as needed.  The last thing you need is a tire rolling off your trailer while going to or from a day of fishing!

One more important thing to check is your fire extinguisher.  Be sure it is fully charged.  Then give your horn a honk because if it is not working, you’ll need a whistle to be legal.

February is still a deep water fishing month and don’t think just because of “No minimum length law” is still in effect this month that you won’t catch big crappie.  In fact there are some monster crappie being caught right now.  Typically what I’m finding is that bigger baits are catching bigger fish.  If you stop and think about it, there are no samller baitfish right now until the new hatches of early spring.  So, the fish are feeding on larger baitfish (you’ve probably noticed this when cleaning your crappie.) So, I’ve “UP SIZED” my baits by throwing 1 1/2″ to 2″ bodies like Pradco grubs, Storm’s “Wild Eye Curly Tail Minnows” or Wave Worm’s “tiki drops”  Pearl white and shad colors are working great.  To add to the surprise, these baits are also catching some nice black bass and yellow bass!

As far as depths, they have been holding in 30 to 45 foot depths on main lake points.  Except during a new moon or full moon feeding period.  These crappie can be found in 16 to 24 foot.

To be very honest, if you don’t have good electronics especially this time of year, it can be really tough finding fish.  Hands down Lowrance is as good as it gets!  So, if it’s time to upgrade, buy the most vertical pixels you can afford.  Because the first key to catching deep water crappie is FINDING THEM.

Don’t let the fact that it is winter keep you from going out and enjoying some of the best fishing of the year.

January Lake Fork Crappie Report by Guide Terri Moon

January 3, 2009

Yes- Time flies when you’re fishing and here it is, a new year to begin!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  I took some time off to head to Missouri to spend some time with friends and family.  What a bonus it is to be back home to Lake Fork!

For those of you coming to Lake Fork please be extra careful getting around out there because of the water conditions.  There are many channel markers missing and some have drifted away from where they where supposed to be.  So when in doubt- just IDLE!  It’s not worth getting hurt over.  If you should hit a stump and need motor repairs, you need to contact Chuck or Perry at Service Marine in Emory.  903-473-3909.  They will get you fixed up and back on the water.  They are the best!  One last piece of advice- be sure to wear those kill switches and life vests!  You can never be too careful.

I guess the safest way to get around (at least for me) is having a good GPS unit on board.  My Lowrance 111C-HD combo has been an amazing asset for navigating.  I’ve been able to make my own trails that I know are safe to get around and boy is that a “peace of mind”!  If you’re considering upgrading your electronics, do yourself a favor and get the GPS combo.  I promise it will enhance your fishing experience.  Some of us need all the help we can get.

So, if the weather is too bad for fishing, get out there to some of the boat and tackle shows in your area.   Lowrance will be at the Texas Fishing and Outdoor Show in Arlington and the Houston International Boat Show in Houston.  This way you can see all the latest Lowrance has to offer and have any questions answered right away.  Maybe I’ll see you there!

Be sure and stop by the Shimano booth to see their latest surprises for 2009.  Gamma fishing line and Wave fishing will also be attending.  Rumor has it they are going to start taking crappie fishing into consideration!  I can’t wait!  I’ve already caught some really nice crappie on their small bas grubs and the Tiki Drop.  So, it looks like even crappie will like the “Wave MoLoPo”!  I’ll keep you posted about Wave Worms future crappie baits.

Well finally if you do find a nice day to venture out, I would target 25 to 35 foot in 30 to 45 foot of water.  Keep a close eye on your depth finder.  It will tell you how deep you need to be fishing.  As far as colors to use I would stick to darker colors with murky water conditions.  Black, Gray, navy with a chartreuse tail.  When in clearer water try the lighter colors.  White, green, and blue with chartreuse are working well.  When the bite slows down and you are still marking fish, don’t be afraid to change up your color cominations.

If you don’t see you at the shows, I hope to see you on the water!

Terri Moon 903-383-7773

Ray Vereen Lake Fork Crappie Fishing Report

December 30, 2008

Well folks, the weather has been great on Lake Fork the last couple of days, and the crappie fishing has been excellent. If you like to crappie fish and catch some really nice ones, you need to get out to Lake Fork. I had a limit of crappie in less than 3 hours the last 2 days. Yesterday’s bag only had 6 fish under 10 inches, and a total weight of 23 3/4 pounds for 25 fish. Today’s bag had 12 fish under 10 inches, but 13 really nice ones with the biggest 1lb 15oz. I’ve been using artificial lures (no minnows) to catch these crappie and have been fishing 20 to 30 feet of water. Find the bait and you can find hungry crappie.

Lures: 2 1/8oz crappie buster jigs.
Presentation: casting
Structure: drop-offs holding bait

If I can assist in your next crappie trip at Lake Fork, just give me a call. Gas is down among other things, and I feel there is a need for a break. So, I’m discounting crappie trips. Full day or until limit is reached for 1 or 2 persons is 200.00, and half days are 150.00. Come on out and enjoy a day on Lake Fork.


Lake Fork’s Fish On Guide Service


December 21, 2008

It is almost that time to go for some Crappie on Lake Fork! Just a few more cold days of the new “winter”

Terri Moon Lake Fork Crappie Report 10-12-2008

October 12, 2008
Nice crappie

Nice crappie


Welcome to the report site Guide Terri Moon, she has been THE crappie guide on Fork for years.  You can find her contact information at the bottom of the page. 

Well, it’s finally here -October!-  (my favorite ti me to fish!)  The mornings are cooler and the crappie are showing up on the points of the mouths of the creek arms and on the channels and secondary creeks.  They have been as shallow as 6 foot and as deep as 18 foot around the bridges and brush piles.  We’re also finding them in the mouths of coves in 20 to 28 foot of water one to three cranks off the bottom.  These fish haven’t bunched up yet so you will need to move around to have a productive day.

Also, light conditions and water clarity will make a difference on what color will produce a strike.  So don’t be afraid to change up colors to see what will work for that time of day.  The different colors we’ve been using have been the “Bobby Garland” (by Gene Larew), “Baby Shad” in bone white with chartreuse, the green tomato, and natural cricket.  Then in their “Slab Slayer” – it’s been the Electric Chicken, orange with chartreuse or black with chartreuse.  All of these colors have worked throughout the day.  You can rig these on either a 1/16th oz jig head or 1/8th oz jig head.  In the brush piles I’m using just one jig, but in open water or bridges I am rigging 2 jigs about a foot apart.

I’ve found the bonus of these biats is that I’ve not only caught crappie on these but some really like yellow bass.  They really like the  brighter color “Slab Slayers” and I double rig these and bounce them off the bottom in 20 to 26 foot of water.   We’re finding them on humps and on the flats at the mouths of coves.  With the double rig it is not uncommon to catch them two at a time.  What could be more fun than that?  I hope you all find the time to enjoy Lake Fork’s October and November prime fishing months!

Also if you are out and about be sure to stop by at Lake Fork Marina, they have a huge assortment of all your crappie fishing needs.  My best to all of you and hope to see you on the water.


Terri Moon 903-383-7773  Full day $300 (1 to 2 people) Half Day $200 (1 to 2 people)