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Lake Fork Alligator FAQ

February 29, 2012

One question that constantly comes up in phone calls and conversations are Alligators on Lake Fork.  Yes we have some.

Alligators haven’t eaten anyone…

I would be more worried about hydrilla, milfoil and abandoned trotlines while swimming vs. Alligators.

I have never seen an agressive alligator here, most of the time you are lucky to be able to get close enough for a photo.  They are skidish and usually dive and hide when they see a boat.

Here are a few photos:

Lake Fork Alligator

Steve Payne found this Lake Fork Alligator in Birch Creek 2009.

Steve Payne Birch Creek 2009

Steve Payne Birch Creek 2009


Lake Fork Alligator

March 25, 2009

Our customer Steven Payne took some cool photos of this gator in Birch Creek.