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Guide James Henderson Lake Fork Report August 2009

August 19, 2009

James Henderson


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James Henderson Guide Service

Well its getting towards the end of August and the lake is in great
shape. I can’t recall a summer were we had this many cool fronts and as
much rain as we have had. The fishing has been up and down for the most
part with numbers between 20 and 35 with fish up to 10 lbs still being
caught. The deep bite has been real inconsistent and the better bite has
been shallow. A lot of people are having a tough time, and its due mainly
to trying to make what works at this time of the year normaly work now.
With cooler temps and rain the lake is fishing a little different than

Lake Conditions:

The lake is currently at full pool and the gates at the dam should stay
shut for a while now. Water surface temps are in the mid 80’s but should
be rising in the next few weeks. There is hydrilla , coontail, milfoil,
and lillypads in abundance all around the lake so you can fish whatever
type of vegetation you like. Water clarity is excellent, heavily stained
in some areas and clearing as you move up the lake toward the dam.


I have had one of the best shallow bites for this time of the year that I
can ever recall, not a whole lot of fish but just some big toads. I don’t
know how much longer this bite will last if the temps rise, but areas
near the spawn flats have produced fish up to 10 lbs. ever since July.
The fish have been moving in and out of the areas along ditches and
creeks and have been very aggressive, most bites have been bone jarring
when they hit. At night I key mainly along the the ditches and creeks and
move up onto the flats by morning. Later in the day ,moving to secondary
points near these areas and fishing the outside edges of the grass have
been working. by mid day, I usually move out to main lake points and
humps, but the bites are pretty tough by then.


At night I have been using big worms on Texas rigs in black/blue fleck.
Also as well, a drop shot can be used especially around lighted dock
areas. During the mornings I have been throwing Frogs over the thickest,
densist grass, or slop I can find. Be sure you have heavy braid tied on
for this and a heavy rod. When pulling big fish out of this stuff you
need to gear up. When you get hit, be sure and give it a second or two
before you set the hook. And believe me, its easier said than done when a
fish throws water 4 ft. into the air. When doing this you do have to
cover a lot of water , but it can be very rewarding when you get the
right spot. As the sun rises, I will work the circus rig in and around
the grass and catch good fish as well. On the deeper presentations, using
standard drop shot rigs, Texas rigs, and Carolina rigs, are all working
eaqually well. I prefer the Carolina rig for covering water when
searching ,and a Texas rig for flipping at specific structures.


I have a lot of openings available at this time ,and the Mcdonalds tourney
is right around the corner, so now is the time to start booking your
trips. I helped a lot of guys cash checks last year, including one in the
overall running for big bass, who finished in the top 5, so let me hear
from you if your interested in a trip for prefishing of for fun.

Good Luck and Be Safe!