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Lake Fork 2014!!

January 23, 2014

Looking forward to this spring!  Lake Fork has produced 3 sharelunkers in the 2014 season!  We should have an amazing spring, enjoy the photos taken by Texas Parks and Wildlife.



14.06 Lake Fork Sharelunker from 3-20-2013

March 25, 2013

Donald Deville from Louisiana, 14.06. Flawless fish. Did not measure her, will let TPW do it.

Fish was scanned and did not have a chip…new addition to the sharelunker family.

16.04 caught on Fork 2-2-13

February 8, 2013

16.04 caught on Fork, weighed at the minnow bucket. Angler Richard Scibek.Image

Lake Fork 15.02 Sharelunker caught by Gary Sims

December 13, 2012


Congrats to the angler Gary Sims.  Fishing is on!


Some Lake Fork HAWGS from the last few days….

March 22, 2012

Place cursor over photos for angler information.

Some Lake Fork HAWGS from the last few days….

12.45 Lake Fork Trophy Lures' Hyper Finesse Worm on a drop shot rig in 10' of water.

Fish was certified at Oak Ridge Marina 3-22-12 12.18

Weighed during JCOutdoors individual tournament. Heck of a kicker!

Lake Fork Sharelunker 3-16-2010

March 17, 2010

4ft on a Senko

Grats Randy Williams!

Another Lake Fork Sharelunker weighed in, 14.43

March 16, 2009

I just got word that a 14.43 was weighed in at The Minnow Bucket

Bill Sweeten 14.43

Rumor going around is 5 foot on a red trap in glade, by far the largest fish I have ever heard coming from Glade.

Grats Bill!

Lake Fork Sharelunker 13.31 3-14-09

March 14, 2009
13.13 Lake FOrk Sharleunker

13.13 Lake FOrk Sharleunker

Lake Fork grabs another Sharelunker.
13.31 White Senko 2 foot caught by Kenneth Shane from Burleson.

MASSIVE 14.68lb Bass found floating alive by Guide James Caldemeyer

March 7, 2009

Weird things always happen at Lake Fork

Guide James Caldemeyer 14.68

Lake Fork Marina is now an Offical Sharelunker Weigh Station

March 4, 2009

Sharelunker Weigh Station

I have a tank set up and filled with Surelife Catch and Release formula…ready to deal with air bladders or waiting for Texas Parks coming to pick up a 13lb+ bass for the program.

If any of you guys are having a problem with an airbladder or need to certify your catch day or night feel free to call my cellphone anytime. I can meet you at any ramp or at the marina. 903-850-1488