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Comprehensive Lake Fork Tournament List for 2009

January 24, 2009



Feb. 14                        Media Tournament

Feb. 22                        JC Outdoors Individual

Feb. 27,28, March 1    Dallas Bass Anglers for the Deaf  

Feb. 28                        JC Outdoors

March 7-8                    JC Outdoors Super Team Event 

March 14                     Media Tournament

March 22                     Elliot Electric 

March 27, 28, 29         BBT Slot Lake Shootout

March 28                     Media Super Teams

April 4                          JC Outdoors

April 18                        Forney Bass Club

April 18                        Irving Bass Club 60th Annual Open

April 18                        Media Tournament

April 25                        Bass Champs North Region Tournament  

May 2                          JC Outdoors

May 2, 3                      Plano Bass Anglers

May 9                          Media Tournament

May 16, 17                  Legend of Lake Fork Tournament

May 23                        JC Outdoors

May  23, 24                 Rally of Texas

May 30                        JC Outdoors Lake Fork Open

May 29,30,31              Axton’s Texas Top Teams

May 30                        Bullet Tournament (Lake Fork Open)

May 31                        Media NE Individual

June 6                          JC Outdoors

June 13                        Media Tournament

June 19,20,21              Skeeter Owners Tournament

July 11                         JC Outdoors

July 11, 12                   Catfish Splash

July 26                         JC Outdoors Individual 

August 3, 4, 5, 6           Texas Bass Federation

August 8                       Media Tournament

August 9                       Media NE Individual

August 29                     Media Central Individual

Sept. 12                       JC Outdoors

Sept. 13                       JC Outdoors Individual

Sept.18,19,20              McDonalds Big Bass Splash

Oct. 17,18                   Berkley

Oct. 17                        JC Outdoors

Nov. 21                       JC Outdoors

Dec. 12                        JC Outdoors


Lake Fork Bounty Bonanza

January 3, 2009

This is an awesome tournament idea put together by the Lake Fork Chamber of Commerce.

You can enter the tournament at the marina in person or by phone.

Click below:

Lake Fork Bounty Bonanza

For $20 why not?

The first 3 fisherman to weigh a Largemouth Bass that exceeds the weight of  the 50th largest in Texas wins


The first fisherman to weigh a Largemouth Bass that exceeds the weight of the 10th largest in Texas wins


The first fisherman to weigh a Largemouth Bass that exceeds the weight of the Texas State record wins


The first fisherman to weigh a Largemouth Bass that exceeds the weight of the World Record wins


Chris Sinkey Night Report

June 26, 2008

I had the pleasure of taking Mike Picou, Regional writer for Basszone, and a friend of his Wes from Austin out Thursday for a night trip before the Skeeter Owners Tournament.
We found fish in the grass on main lake points in 3 to 8 ft. of water. Ended up the night with over 20 fish with 2 being over 8 lbs., 2 at 7 lbs., and several in the 5 to 6 lbs. range.
All fish were caught on one of three baits. A Berkley 10 in. Power Worm in Black/Blue Fleck, a Black/Blue GrandeBass Mutant, and a Black/Blue GrandeBass Rattlesnake. You can see these baits at Grande Bass
Bites were very aggresive. If you thought you were hung in grass, you could let it sit there for a second and they would nearly take the rod out of your hand.
I want to thank them again for an exciting and hilarious night, and look forward to having them in my boat again soon.
I would also like to thank Skeeter Boats and Yamaha Motors for getting me there and back with no worries at all.

Chris Sinkey