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Comprehensive Lake Fork Tournament List for 2009

January 24, 2009



Feb. 14                        Media Tournament

Feb. 22                        JC Outdoors Individual

Feb. 27,28, March 1    Dallas Bass Anglers for the Deaf  

Feb. 28                        JC Outdoors

March 7-8                    JC Outdoors Super Team Event 

March 14                     Media Tournament

March 22                     Elliot Electric 

March 27, 28, 29         BBT Slot Lake Shootout

March 28                     Media Super Teams

April 4                          JC Outdoors

April 18                        Forney Bass Club

April 18                        Irving Bass Club 60th Annual Open

April 18                        Media Tournament

April 25                        Bass Champs North Region Tournament  

May 2                          JC Outdoors

May 2, 3                      Plano Bass Anglers

May 9                          Media Tournament

May 16, 17                  Legend of Lake Fork Tournament

May 23                        JC Outdoors

May  23, 24                 Rally of Texas

May 30                        JC Outdoors Lake Fork Open

May 29,30,31              Axton’s Texas Top Teams

May 30                        Bullet Tournament (Lake Fork Open)

May 31                        Media NE Individual

June 6                          JC Outdoors

June 13                        Media Tournament

June 19,20,21              Skeeter Owners Tournament

July 11                         JC Outdoors

July 11, 12                   Catfish Splash

July 26                         JC Outdoors Individual 

August 3, 4, 5, 6           Texas Bass Federation

August 8                       Media Tournament

August 9                       Media NE Individual

August 29                     Media Central Individual

Sept. 12                       JC Outdoors

Sept. 13                       JC Outdoors Individual

Sept.18,19,20              McDonalds Big Bass Splash

Oct. 17,18                   Berkley

Oct. 17                        JC Outdoors

Nov. 21                       JC Outdoors

Dec. 12                        JC Outdoors


Lake Fork turn over

September 7, 2008

Lake Fork is in for some tough fishing for the next week.  North end of the lake is brown and bubbly…smell of rotten eggs can overwhelm you early in the morning.  The rain and lower temps from the remainder of hurricane Gustav is to blame.  Lowest water temp I have seen has been 75 degrees…

This is about 3 weeks earlier than it has been the last few years…a tad bit worried about how this will impact the McDonalds Big Bass Splash.  This happened during the McDonalds in 2006 (I believe) and a 9lber ended up winning the tournament.

Lake Fork Marina Bass Fishing Report

July 5, 2008

Sorry for the lack of reports lately, I have been fishing at night during weird hours but I haven’t been catching many fish.  My old summer night holes are really hit and miss this year with fish moving in and back out before I can land more than a couple.  No black spinnerbait bite to speak of this year, only thing producing any bites for me has been the black and blue Gene Larew hawg craw and 10″ Plum Berkley Power Worms.  I decided to do a reorder on plum power worms and found out that Berkley discontinued the color this year, so I am stuck with only 80 for personal use.  (If you have any sources on where to find them please email me

Not exactly sure why this summer bite isn’t as predictable as it has been in recent years, swim bait bite has dried up and about the only thing that is really selling are 1oz and 3/4oz carolina rig weights and the Norman DD22.  Oddly I have not seen or heard of any fish over the 11lb mark in almost 2 weeks, I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the lack of traffic…but it is definitely an off time.

Not a whole lot of traffic during the weekdays.  On the rare day I get to go out I have the most publicly known holes all to myself…but I am finding a TON of suspended fish and very sparse balls of shad on the north end.  I am completely clueless on what the hell these fish are doing.  Seems like the guides that are fishing are having trouble finding a reliable pattern as well, good numbers and size one day and almost a blank the next.

I could really use a few more report writers…feel free to email me at:

Tight lines, hope you can figure them out!

Cameron Burnett