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9-30-08 Tom Redington Lake Fork Report

October 1, 2008

Lake Fork Report: Sep 30, 2008

After a couple of tumultuous weeks in early September dealing with many rainy days and Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, we’ve had several of the most consistent weeks of weather I can remember at Lake Fork. Every day starts off cool and clear, warming into the mid-80s under mostly sunny skies. Once you figure out the fish it is easy to stay with them, since there aren’t any fronts to change things up. Don’t expect it to last forever though, as fall is just around the corner and we’ll start getting cold fronts and chances of rain on a regular basis once again. And that’s good news, because cooling water temps usually result in good bass fishing at Lake Fork until things turn really cold in late November.

On a personal note, I finished up my season on the FLW Stren Series and did well enough to qualify for the Walmart FLW Tour next year. I’m looking forward to an exciting year in 2009, guiding for lunkers on Lake Fork and also competing against some of the world’s best anglers on the FLW Tour.

Finally, I’m headed to Mexico to fish Lake Baccarac in Nov and Dec this year for trophy bass. Our group had one angler drop out of our first trip due to health reasons, so I’m looking for someone to fill his spot for that trip. It’s Nov 21-26 and we’re flying a charter plane directly to the lake. If you’re interested, please let me know.

Lake Conditions: With no rain and light winds, the water conditions are quite stable at Fork. The lake level is currently reading 402.58’ (about 5” below full pool). Some creeks are quite clear, although much of the main lake is brownish due to the fall turnover. Water temps remain fairly warm due to the sunny days, reading in the upper 70s in most areas. As the water level has dropped this summer, the expansive hydrilla and milfoil beds are really matting up, which makes for good fishing in late summer and fall.

Location Pattern: The best pattern for numbers of bass is fishing shallow grassbeds on the main lake and in the first half of major creeks. Early and late and all day on cloudy and windy days, I’m focusing on shoreline grass, openings in clumps of grass, and the inside weedline. When the sun gets up, concentrate on the deep weed edge in 8’ to 15’. Key on points, inside turns, and along ledges and you’re likely to find more fish. Most of the shallow fish have been in groups, so you’ll fish for a while without getting a bite, and then catch several in a small area. I’m also catching some bass back in the coves along creek channel bends but this pattern hasn’t really picked up yet like it will as the water cools. For bigger bass, concentrate on main lake structure in 15’ to 35’. As the lake settles down from turnover and cools, this pattern will really turn on. Watch your graph closely and key on schools located tight to the bottom if you can find them, because they are normally easier to catch than the suspended schools.

Presentation Pattern: As fall approaches, bass will start keying on shad and most of my lure choices and colors will reflect that preference. Shades of white or chrome are always good choices in the fall on Fork. In the shallows, topwaters are catching fish early and late, as well as Fork Frogs in the lily pads. As the sun gets up a little higher, shallow running crankbaits, small spinnerbaits, and Lake Fork Tackle’s 3.5” and 4.5” Live Magic Shad swimbaits work better, especially on windy banks. When the bass aren’t in a chasing mood, switch to a Texas rigged watermelon/red or watermelon candy 8” Fork Worm or the new Hyper Finesse Worm with a 1/8th oz bullet sinker and work it over the tops of grass and along the edges. For bigger fish, a 3/8 oz watermelon red Mega Weight Jig with a matching Fork Craw or a TX rigged watermelon/red or Bama Bug colored Hyper Freak produce well when pitched to the deep weed edge.

Out deeper, Carolina rigs, drop shots, jigs, and Texas rigs will catch bass from schools located near the bottom on deep structure. I go with a green pumpkin or watermelon red 8” or 10” Fork Worm for my Texas rigs. Meanwhile, watermelon candy, watermelon/red, or green pumpkin Baby Fork Creatures, Ring Frys, and Twitch Worms are on the business end of my Carolina rigs. Drop shots will catch good numbers of fish and the occasional big bass, rigged with a watermelon or green pumpkin Hyper Finesse Worm. When the bass are suspended, Fork Flutter Spoons and deep diving crankbaits in shad or yellow bass patterns are working better than the bottom presentations, and catching some lunkers too.

Here’s hoping you catch the lunker of your dreams. If I can be of assistance, please contact me at 214-683-9572 (days) or 972-635-6027 (evenings) or e-mail me through , where your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Good Fishing,



Lake Fork Report Guide Clint Wright 9-8-2008

September 9, 2008

Lake Fork Day and Night Guide Service

Guide Clint Wright


“Let’s go fishing”

20+ years of Lake Fork experience

Lake Fork Report: September 7, 2008

Lake Level: Fork: 4” below full pool

Water Clarity: Clear to stained

Water temp: The water temps have varied around 80 degrees.

Weather: Clear to partly cloudy this week, with highs in the upper 80’s.

News: The McDonalds tournament is this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Stop by and see me at Froggy D’s (sporting goods store on Hwy. 17) during the tournament dates. I still have October 20 and 21 open. The next dates I have after that are in November and December on Lake Monticello and Lake Welsh (3 months until the spawn on these two fine lakes, so book your trip now!) Always feel free to call and check for open dates.

Fishing Report
Lake Fork: The fishing here on Lake Fork has been through some very different conditions the past two or three weeks. With Hurricane Gustav dropping the air temperature from 90 – 100 to 60’s at night and 70’s during the day. I think the bass believed fall was already here. Thursday, the fish were in 2 – 3 foot in the very back of the creeks. These fish were schooling and chasing huge groups of shad. Lipless bait’s worked here with the occasional strike on jerk bait’s. Friday we fished all night without a bite. That was very odd for this time of year, but the sudden drop in water temperature was sure to have an affect. Saturday the fish were eating a drop shot in 20 foot of water. Today we caught a few fish early on a Sebile splasher. After that the bite was just here and there. We had one really big fish eat a new Gene Larew El Salto Special in Montezuma Revenge. After a short battle she broke the 25 lb. leader of the Carolina Rig. Today the wind was very calm. Many of the schooling fish were located way away from any cover or structure. One minute they are here, the next they are 300 yards away.
For those of you fishing the McDonalds tournament this coming weekend, this is what I would do. I would start out with a Sebile Splasher 90, any shad color will work. Fish this right on the edge of the hydrilla mats located all over the lake. Once the sun has topped the trees, switch to a Revenge Jig and a Gene Larew El Salto Special (12 inch worm). These two baits have the capability of talking these big fish into biting. You will have to play around with the color selection. Around the grass I would be spooled up with 65 – 80 lb Power Pro braid, in open water 25 lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon. Use the splasher on a 6’6 medium action, Custom Angle Moby Bass rod. With the jig and worm use a 7’ heavy action Custom Angle Moby Bass rod. If you want to throw the worm Carolina Rigged, use their Carolina Special. The action, performance, durability, sensitivity and hook up rate of these fine rods are unprecedented.
Some areas of the lake that you might find some good fish are Wolf Creek and Chaney Point. If you venture to Big Caney or Little Caney, find ledges and humps that are loaded with big timber. My brush piles are not holding a lot of numbers, but the ones that are there are giants! Remember; do not let the grass dictate where you fish, not all the big ones are relating to it.

I would like to invite you out to Lake Fork on a professional guided fishing trip. All you really need to go fishing with me is a fishing license. I provide rods, reels, tackle etc. at no extra charge. Digital Photos of your fish will be taken and will be emailed to you.

Thanks to my sponsors Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Gotcha Distributing (Dealer inquiries-contact Ron Peterson at 903-856-8083), Reaction Innovations, Revenge Jigs, Sebile, Arkie, Power Pro Fishing Line, Seaguar Fishing Line, Gene Larew, Custom Angle Moby bass rods (owner Dave Settle).

Feel free to contact me anytime via email or by phone 903-918-9469 if you ever have any questions about Lake Fork or to book your next guided fishing trip on this fine fishery. I hope to see you soon!

Guide Clint Wright
Lake Fork Day and Night Guide Service

Jimmy Everett Lake Fork Report July 8th, 2008

July 11, 2008

Most of the fishing I have been doing has been scattered from deep to shallow water. Start by looking for shallow fish around the grass early in the major creeks or main lake points that have grass. If you like to start with a top water this isn’t a bad time to throw ones such as a pop-r type bait or frog up on the edges of the mats or pads. Once this bite start to slows start kicking out to some deeper cover.

Look for areas that are holding bait in the area. Most of the time you can see the shad hitting the top here and there. Look on your main lake points, humps, road beds, and deep creek bends in 12 to 25 feet of water. Once the area is graphed and you have found the fish and shad start by throwing a carolina rigged baby brush hog or creature type bait. I have been fishing these on a 1 ounce weight with a 6 to 7 foot leader. If you find the fish suspended, hitting the bait on the way in, or busting shad on top start throwing a dd22 and bouncing it off the trees or using a stop and go retrieve in open water for these suspended fish. Drop shotting a trick worm on a 2 to 3 foot leader will also catch you a few fish along with a weighted fluke fished in the different water columns very slowly. The weighted Fluke has been the ticket on those days the wind isn’t up.

If your fast enough try to keep a chrome trap around for the schoolies but you better be ready for them because they have not been staying up long.

I still have July and August dates available for those interested in some great summer fishing. If you are interested in a professional Lake Fork Guide trip for any time give me a call at (903)-216-1867 and I will be happy to help or answer any questions that you may have. You can also catch me at Gift certificates are available for any occasion.

Guide Jimmy Everett

Lake Fork Marina Bass Fishing Report

July 5, 2008

Sorry for the lack of reports lately, I have been fishing at night during weird hours but I haven’t been catching many fish.  My old summer night holes are really hit and miss this year with fish moving in and back out before I can land more than a couple.  No black spinnerbait bite to speak of this year, only thing producing any bites for me has been the black and blue Gene Larew hawg craw and 10″ Plum Berkley Power Worms.  I decided to do a reorder on plum power worms and found out that Berkley discontinued the color this year, so I am stuck with only 80 for personal use.  (If you have any sources on where to find them please email me

Not exactly sure why this summer bite isn’t as predictable as it has been in recent years, swim bait bite has dried up and about the only thing that is really selling are 1oz and 3/4oz carolina rig weights and the Norman DD22.  Oddly I have not seen or heard of any fish over the 11lb mark in almost 2 weeks, I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the lack of traffic…but it is definitely an off time.

Not a whole lot of traffic during the weekdays.  On the rare day I get to go out I have the most publicly known holes all to myself…but I am finding a TON of suspended fish and very sparse balls of shad on the north end.  I am completely clueless on what the hell these fish are doing.  Seems like the guides that are fishing are having trouble finding a reliable pattern as well, good numbers and size one day and almost a blank the next.

I could really use a few more report writers…feel free to email me at:

Tight lines, hope you can figure them out!

Cameron Burnett

Chris Sinkey Night Report

June 26, 2008

I had the pleasure of taking Mike Picou, Regional writer for Basszone, and a friend of his Wes from Austin out Thursday for a night trip before the Skeeter Owners Tournament.
We found fish in the grass on main lake points in 3 to 8 ft. of water. Ended up the night with over 20 fish with 2 being over 8 lbs., 2 at 7 lbs., and several in the 5 to 6 lbs. range.
All fish were caught on one of three baits. A Berkley 10 in. Power Worm in Black/Blue Fleck, a Black/Blue GrandeBass Mutant, and a Black/Blue GrandeBass Rattlesnake. You can see these baits at Grande Bass
Bites were very aggresive. If you thought you were hung in grass, you could let it sit there for a second and they would nearly take the rod out of your hand.
I want to thank them again for an exciting and hilarious night, and look forward to having them in my boat again soon.
I would also like to thank Skeeter Boats and Yamaha Motors for getting me there and back with no worries at all.

Chris Sinkey


Big fish moving up at night

June 25, 2008

Went out for a few hours last night and ended up with some good fish off my usual night hole.

Big fish was a 9.20 24 1/2″ fish caught on a texas rig black/blue Gene Larew Hawg Craw with a 1/4oz Tungsten weight.  Fish averaged about 4lbs-  Fish moved off around 11pm.  Bite kicked up right at dark, 10-14foot holding tight to brush.

Going back again tonight, will give another report-

Lake Fork Trophy Bass Report 6-2-2008 & BIG BASS PICS

June 3, 2008

Lake Fork Trophy Bass Report
Submitted June 2, 2008
By Guide James Caldemeyer

June is here and with it comes the warmer weather as well as a lot of excellent post-spawn feeding action for big bass on Lake Fork. This month is one of my most favorite months for fishing because you can catch a lot of numbers and the quality of those fish is great! For example, I had a client on Wednesday that caught 42 bass with the biggest five weighing 35+ pounds. A 9lb. 10oz. and an 8lb. 4oz. fish anchored that sack! These are the kind of days that you can expect to see a lot of this month and even into the middle of summer on Lake Fork.
The water conditions on the lake are great right now. We are sitting at about 6 inches above full pool at 403.57. I think everyone expected the Sabine River Authority to open the gates this week after recent rains but I spoke to them Friday and they said they did not intend to open the dam up unless we got more rain. This is great for us going into the summer and great for the fishing. The water clarity on the main lake areas is clear 2-3 feet and the water in the backs of the major creeks is not as stained as it has been this spring.
The top water bite has been decent lately early and late on yellow magic’s, white buzz baits and frogs fished over the shallow grass beds/lily pads in 2-8 feet of water. After the top water bite slows, I have been switching over to trick worms rigged wacky style in june bug and any watermelon color. Fish these slow over the grass in the same areas for actively feeding post-spawners. A fluke and a swim bait have also worked well in the same places.
After the shallow early morning bite starts to die, I head for deep water. The deep structure fishing on Lake Fork is phenomenal this time of year and the lake offers lots of points, roadbeds, humps, and ridges for these deep fish to congregate. Using your electronics to these schools of fish can be very rewarding! I use my Lowrance to locate shad and bar fish in 18-30 feet of water where there is some kind of bottom change. The bass will be close by. Once I have marked a school of bass, I have been using a number of different presentations to catch them. The carolina rig has been the most productive. I have been rigging my Shimano 7’6” Heavy action Crucial/Chronarch reels with 20 lb Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon. I use a heavy 1 oz. tungsten weight with a bead behind it attached to a swivel and a 4-5 foot leader. A 3/0 wide gap hook with a centipede, ring fry or Wave Worm Tiki Stick has been very productive. Best colors have been watermelon red, watermelon chartreuse, and chart. pepper. Dragging this rig through these schools of fish with a slow retrieve and an occasional twitch will get your rod bent pretty good! I have also been throwing a 3/4 or 1-ounce Talon football head jig in these same areas and working it just like the c-rig with success. Best colors have been watermelon/chart, green pumpkin, and watermelon gold with a matching trailer. On days that the wind is calm, the fish have started schooling some during the heat of the day. The big flutter spoons, small jigging spoons, DD 22’s, a swim bait and even a drop shot is very effective during this time as well.
If you are interested in coming to Lake Fork to get in on some great post-spawn and summer fishing and would like to book a trip with a full time guide who knows the lake and deep structure fishing, feel free to give me a call at (903)736-9888 or you can email me at With school out for the year, now is a great time to bring the kids out for some great fishing for big bass! I would like to thank all my sponsors for their support and to the good Lord for giving me strength. I hope to see you out on the water soon!

Romans 5:8- But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Tight Lines and God Bless,
James Caldemeyer

John Tanner Lake Fork Bass Fishing Report October 2007

October 5, 2007

This week here at Lake Fork the fishing has been pretty decent. The lake level is at an awesome 403.21 with the surface temp running around 82 degrees. We have been catching a good number of fish using various techniques as the fall season rolls in. Early in the morning go with the topwater baits such as chug bugs, pop’rs and white Talon buzzbaits. For you frog people you can catch some nice ones using rabbit frogs and scum frogs in the lily pads around the golf course area of the lake. After the sun rises a little go with the Texas rigged worms and the wacky rigged worms. Flukes rigged on a weighted hook are a great choice as well . Fish these baits around the grass beds on the main lake points on the south end of the lake. Look for bait fish running the grass beds for better luck . On the Texas rig I have been using a ¼ and 3/8 ounce Tru Tungsten bullet weight and pegging it using one of the Tru tungsten Smart Pegs. For the line I have been spooling my Shimano rod and reels with 16 pound Gamma Edge Flouro Carbon line. Speaking of Shimano Rods and reels have you seen the new reels by Shimano? They have introduced the all new Core Reels. Go by your local dealer and check them out, they are awesome! Later in the day we have been catching a good number of fish on the drop shot and also using Carolina rigs. On the drop shot I have been using Trick worms and on the C- Rig the baby Brush Hog in watermelon/red has been the ticket. There has been a lot of schooling fish showing up around the bridges and at the mouths of some of the larger creeks. These fish have been eating weighted flukes and chatter baits. Schooling fish are a blast and if you have never seen Lake Fork bass when they come up and start chasing shad you are missing a treat. Remember the larger fish will hang below the school a lot of times so try to get your bait underneath the ones that are surfacing for the big mamas. Jigging spoons are a good choice for this as well as weighted swim baits like the Storm wild eye. Fall fishing is awesome and with the weather cooling down it is a great time to fish here at Lake Fork. If you would like to book a guided trip call us toll free at 1-800-865-2282 or drop me a line at From the beginner to the expert we will make your trip to Lake Fork one to remember. While you are here be sure and go by and visit the folks over at Diamond Sports Marine our local Ranger Boat dealer. They carry a full line of Ranger boats and have an awesome parts and service dept. If you haven’t seen the new Z520 for 08″ they have one in stock . Go by and schedule a test ride or drop me a line and I will give you a test ride in mine. I have one that will be arriving soon rigged with one of the new series 2 Yamaha 250hp HPDI motors. Good luck to all in the upcoming Berkley Tourney. Please pray for our troops and their families as they keep us safe. Also please pray for my mother as she is battling here illness. Remember all things are possible to those who believe. Read Romans 8:31-39 Good fishin and God Bless,
John and Robin Tanner
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Many thanks to my sponsors.